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Quickly wear the omnipotent hanging force

2022-10-27 01:22   For Rent   Bago City   325 views

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Location: Bago City
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Fang Yizhen sighed, he is really too naive, with this game and the setting of urine, how can leave the boyfriend group can be peaceful.  There were even several veteran stars who were more active on Weibo who forwarded his photos, laughing that he was the beauty of the flourishing age. So the reporters who had always been very good at grasping the hot trend were all moved. Most of the people who had been around Lin Zheng turned to Fang Yizhen. Lin Zheng has no gossip and no black material, and all the people around the venue are gossip entertainment reporters. He can't dig out any topics,metal racking systems, so he naturally turns the wind. Fang Yizhen was caught off guard and surrounded by people, all the microphones were desperately close to his mouth, and even a heavy camera hit his head, the whole person was crowded and dizzy, Lin Zheng stood outside in a hurry and anger, hurriedly let the bodyguards go up to help Fang Yizhen out of trouble,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, at this time, several tall bodyguards came out of nowhere. The action was neat and decisive, and the press group was pulled open. The bodyguards were different from those assigned to the artists by the company. The black suits were tightly wrapped around the muscular and strong body, full of explosive power. They were specially trained. Sure enough, they rescued Fang Yizhen from the watertight blockade in just a few seconds, and then stuffed into a black Maybach on the side of the road. The reporters were unwilling to chase after him. A bodyguard closed the car door, turned his head, and said with an expressionless face: "Shen's car, you think about it and then chase after it. Don't upset your little rice bowl." Which General Manager Shen is there in the entertainment circle of A city? The reporters cast their awed and frightened eyes on the dark windows, and finally settled down. No matter how big they are, they can catch up, but Shen Mingxiu, radio shuttle racking ,pallet rack shelving, they can't afford it. But How can Shen Yunyi get on Shen Mingxiu's car?   Shen Mingxiu looked around and was satisfied with the hotel's accommodation. If there is any inconvenience,heavy duty cantilever racks, just tell the assistant and don't be shy about ordering people around. "Oh, yes." Shen Mingxiu's eyes followed him all the time. When he came to him with the juice, he withdrew his eyes and patted the sofa beside him: "Come and sit down and wipe the medicine." "I'll do it myself." "Come here." “……” Fang Yizhen sat down beside him. Sit closer. “……” He had to sit closer. kingmoreracking.com

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Property Size (m²) 2
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