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Quickly wear to save the male partner as its own duty by winter snow

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Mu Yihan, who has just been promoted to be her fiance, has a good temper and tolerates all her dissatisfaction, smiling all the way. Back to Kyoto, Gu Lingxue stubbornly refused to go back with him, helpless Mu Yihan had to accompany her romantic, opened the room. Chapter 164 true and false heirs (24). "So the baby likes excitement?" Gu Lingxue, who had just come out of the bath, heard Mu Yihan's words of unknown meaning. Uh? Gu Lingxue, who had reacted, glared at him hone. Why didn't you tell me that you had told your family? Aunt said they would arrive the day after tomorrow. Gu Lingxue stared at Mu Yihan and said angrily. Oh Mu Yihan nodded calmly, without Gu Lingxue's nervousness at all. Roll away. Gu Lingxue stretched out his foot and kicked him. Come on, baby, you have to take wedding photos later, and you won't be energetic if you don't massage. Who's to blame for my lack of energy? Who doesn't sleep in the middle of the night? Gu Lingxue rolled his eyes angrily and decided to ignore him. This is a man who sticks his nose on his face. In the days of looking for Gu Lingxue, Mu Yihan decided. As long as you find someone,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, you can get married immediately, and you can tie up your belt first. Therefore, the wedding needs to prepare the matter, he has arranged almost, only needs Gu Lingxue to attend. Finally, when Gu Lingxue smiled and stiffened his face, he heard the photographer say OK. No longer care about the image of the image,ultrasonic extraction cbd, Gu Lingxue directly sitting on a shooting sofa. One day's indoor almost exhausted her, Mu Yihan also arranged two days of outdoor shooting, her old life is to be explained here. Tired? Don't sleep yet. Let's go to eat something and then go home. Mu Yihan shook Gu Lingxue, who had already closed his eyes, and coaxed him softly. Six sets of clothes a day, just changing clothes to do modeling is very tired, not to mention constantly changing posture. What's more, she was a little cruel last night, and her dark circles were covered with a lot of powder today. Gu Lingxue is all the way home by Mu Yihan, Mu Yihan waited on her to change clothes, remove makeup, and then put the whole squinting Gu Lingxue on the bed. A few minutes later, I heard the sound of her shallow breathing, looked at her spoiled, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic molten metal, tucked in the corner of the quilt and went out. Mu Fu and Mu Mu will come tomorrow, and the schedule has to be changed. The next morning, Gu Lingxue was in a daze when he heard voices in the living room. At first, I thought I was hearing voices, but the sound that was deliberately suppressed came intermittently. What is this man doing early in the morning? Gu Lingxue went out of the door in his pajamas. As soon as she came out, Mu Yihan, who was always paying attention to the movement in the bedroom, found it sharp-eyed. At the sight of her pajamas, Mu Yihan's face stiffened, leaving his parents chatting and blocking Gu Lingxue at the stairway entrance. Are there any guests at home? I heard voices. Aware of the people around him, Gu Lingxue naturally leaned over and closed his eyes. Mom and Dad are here. Mu Yihan smiled at her expression. Sure enough, Gu Lingxue woke up in vain and jumped up. On the top of his head, Mu Yihan's lower jaw had no time to cry out in pain, and he ran into the bedroom in a hurry. Finished, the first time my parents-in-law officially came to the door, I went to bed late. Don't be nervous. They've been here for a while. You can eat when you're ready. Mu Yihan followed her into the bedroom and picked out a set of relatively conservative clothes for her from the wardrobe and put them on the bed. He did not say that it was all rihereery warm, Mu family table is very relaxed,ultrasonic generator driver, not as serious as Gu family. Liang Meiru fed Mu Pengfei all the way before eating by herself. Mu Yihan occasionally helped Gu Lingxue clip some of her favorite food, provoking Gu Lingxue embarrassed red face. Mu Pengfei looked at the sweet appearance of the young couple and nodded with relief. After all, he was born by himself. He knew his son better than his father. He once suspected that Mu Yihan would be lonely for life. fycgsonic.com

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