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Recommend [Shuang Wen] Tyrant dreams of me every night

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The future son of heaven, who he thought was vulnerable, looked as if he were looking down at an ant. He thought his layout was exquisite, and he reached a private cooperation with Lin Shangshu, who expected that everything was in the calculation of the son of heaven.  Zhao Heng stopped in front of Prime Minister Han, the tone of the waves are not popular, "said before, I have something to tell the prime minister,Magnesium Oxide MgO, your lovely grandchildren, now in the village outside the city." Zhao Heng, you are not a man! Prime Minister Han was so angry that he opened his mouth and spat out a big mouthful of blood. You are not a man to lay hands on a child! "Xuanming was just four years old when he left. The dead soldier under the Grand Master was the murderer. The person who knocked out the maid who took care of Xuanming came from your prime minister's mansion." Zhao Heng looked down at him. "The plague virus brought into the palace was bought by your concubine from a quack named Zhou Fu. Am I wrong?" You.. Bloody mouth spurting! Han prime minister in the brain with a bang, the last trace of strength to support themselves completely dispersed. He knows everything. The courtiers behind him stepped back with a look of fear on their faces. Prime Minister Xie stroked his beard and shook his head gently. The plague virus was true. Fortunately, the Son of Heaven was not a stupid man. Otherwise, the Northern Liang Dynasty would really perish. Take Prime Minister Han and Lin Shangshu to the prison of the Ministry of Punishment and arrest all the conspirators. Zhao Heng lifted his lips and turned indifferently. He would be the first to tell Su Wan that he would ascend the throne four days later and coax her out of the palace in the evening to teach her how to ride a horse. Deliberately stay until this matter to move Han prime minister Lin Shangshu,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, but to let the officials see their own means, let them know fear. The author has something to say: Zhao Heng: My technology is very good, rest assured.   What's the use of making trouble. Your Highness is now in power. How could he be allowed to make such a fuss? Go and see. Zhao Heng lowered his eyebrows and lifted his feet to the Taichu Hall. This long letter palace is no longer the year, he brought Sun Laifu came to celebrate his birthday, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, was blocked outside the door of the long letter palace poured half a day of wind and snow. Now, everything here is up to you. When he wants his father to die, he can let him die. Your Highness. Jiang Chong came in behind them and called Zhao Heng, "Ren Changfeng has a situation over there." Zhao Heng stopped and looked back, and his dark eyes suddenly overflowed with the intention of killing. "What's the situation?"  Send her and Su Wan out, there will be no queen mother in this palace, there will be no toffee. If the other concubines were willing to become monks, they would become monks, and if they were unwilling, they would open schools in various parts of the country to serve as masters and set them free. Su Wan does not like the tedious etiquette in the palace, she also does not like the palace,calcium nitrate sol, may not like to see those concubines are arranged to be buried. The courtiers are bound to oppose this, which is one of the reasons why he shot Prime Minister Han and captured Lin Shangshu alive outside the Wende Palace. The courtiers were afraid of him, and they did not dare to obstruct any policy in the future. stargrace-magnesite.com

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