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Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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Thinking of this, Chi Ze's heart completely collapsed, his expression was bleak, his eyes were empty, and even the injuries on his body seemed to have been forgotten.  Thinking that Lin Xun was deliberately torturing him, he hissed hoarsely, "Don't play his mother's tricks. If you want to kill him, kill him. If I frown, I'll follow your surname!" Lin Xun smiled,Whirlpool bathtub, and in Chi Ze's stunned eyes, he quickly began to help Chi Ze deal with the broken hand injury. He moved skillfully, first helping to stop bleeding and clean up, then took out the ointment needed to heal the wound and smeared it, and finally wrapped it up with cloth and silk. You Chi Ze was so confused that he couldn't speak. Don't be moved. I'm just trying to save your life. Lin Xun smiled and said, "Because I'm really curious about how they will feel when you lose your hands and become a basket case and return home alive.". Well, I heard that your surname is also given by the Chi family? This can be somewhat difficult to handle, if they give you the surname back,endless pool factory, no longer recognize you as a clansman. Before he had finished, Chi Ze was like a sucker punch, his head was about to explode, and he finally understood! This boy does not kill him, where is the good intention, clearly wants to let him fall into the miserable situation that life is worse than death! Think about it, a useless person, worthless, even if the ruler family does not take away his surname, in the future, what face does he have to survive? After losing his strength, he is doomed to become a complete clown, lingering on and being trampled underfoot by countless people! The more he thought about it, the more frightened he was. Who on earth was this young man in front of him? How could his heart be so vicious? It's a demon! No, the devil is not as vicious as he is! When Xiao Ke heard this, endless pool swim spa ,outdoor whirlpool, he couldn't hold back after all. "Lin Xun," he said, "if you do this in case you get angry.." "Don't worry, if the ruler family wants revenge, just look for me." Lin Xun smiled warmly and seemed to think of something. He reminded Chi Ze, "Well, I forgot to tell you that if you want to retaliate against me in the future, you can come directly to the'Heart Washing Peak ', one of the 72 peaks of the gate mountain, to find me. I will be the master there in the future. It's easy to find." The mountain of the gate valve! Heart washing peak! Chi Ze's eyes are gloomy, and he has been hit so hard that he wants to die. It turns out that this guy is also the son of an aristocratic family! Incorrect! Chi Ze suddenly remembered that the Lin family had declined as early as more than ten years ago, and now it can only be regarded as an inferior gate, why dare to challenge the Chi family? "Bah!"! Having said so much, it turns out that you are a swindler! Chi Ze sneers. Lin Xun stood up and said with a smile, "There's no point in lying to people like you. You can go. You're welcome to come to Xinfeng with the people of the Chi family to take revenge." Even Xiao Ke can only swallow his pride, let alone others? Had it not been for the power of the ruler family, which was far less powerful than Xiao Ke's ruler Ze, how could he dare to run amuck and be lawless? "Drillmaster,outdoor spa manufacturers, I have a way to keep us all in the Forbidden City." Lin Xun said earnestly. He has seen that Xiao Ke is obviously extremely reluctant to leave, otherwise in the face of the harassment of Chi Ze, it is impossible to endure for half a year. monalisa.com

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