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Records of treacherous cases in the Sui Dynasty

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Shan Shu grinned and said, "No, no, it's just fun to tell you!"! Besides, I have a long memory. If there are any unidentified people or creatures around you, I will never attack you again! There are only three people here, unidentified people, who are naturally the soldiers lying on the door at this moment. But he ed, but I didn't expect another person to come out. Shan Shu didn't find him when he came over. He just looked for Wen Qing to want to draw again, but Wen Qing did not mean this at all, instead let oneself fight with that unknown person. This time he learned to give up the duel, but he was honest and spoke his mind directly. But what he didn't actually know was that Wen Qing was not familiar with Wu Bing at all. Wen Qing's initial plan was to try to get him to fight with Wu Bing if he had to make trouble for himself. Anyway, Wu Bing would not expose himself, except for what happened inside the door, he did not seem to care about anything else! It can be said that once bitten,Narrow aisle rack, twice shy! Shan Shu didn't even bother to understand it, so he just admitted it. Wen Qing said, "are you telling the truth?"? I don't have time to play with you now. I have important things to do. Besides, I don't want to raise a white-eyed wolf, eat me and use me, and turn around and want to hit me. Then Wen Qing felt as if there was something wrong, as if she were a wronged daughter-in-law! But she saw nothing strange on the face of the single tree, and should not have thought about it in that way! In fact, she is not a single tree's opponent,heavy duty warehouse rack, single tree body do not know whether to practice the golden bell jar iron cloth shirt and other kungfu, body invulnerability, thisd swore, "I would never do anything like that." Wen Qing said, "will you never do it?"? I don't believe it. Don't you say you want to fight with me? Since it is a contest, there is physical contact, and since there is physical contact, there will inevitably be bumps and injuries. Shan Shu thought about it, thinking seriously and frowning. After a while, she said, radio shuttle racking ,Drive in racking system, "Then I won't ask you to fight again.". But you have to admit I'm better than you! Wen Qing laughed in her heart, this silly man, so easily taken over! But her face did not change at all, and she spread out her hands and said, "You don't ow if it's good or not, but I'm sure you've never eaten it! Wu Bing turned over and jumped down from the top! Walked to the side of two people, laughed, "so I can taste!" " Shan Shu said vaguely, "who is this man?" Wen Qing said,Narrow aisle rack, "you should know it!"! Haven't you seen it? Shan Shu looked at Wu Bing carefully and shook his head. "Never seen him before!" Wen Qing said, "he!"! Call Wu Bing, the boss of the dark one! "What did you say?" Shan Shu spit out the fillets in his mouth on the spot. Chapter 642 comparison. "He is a dark man?"  omracking.com

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