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Return of the King of Rebirth

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Unlike the Myanmar'Namo Field 'mentioned by Li Mu, the jade pit mentioned by Grantham is located in the southern part of Myanmar. The area is remote, and the local people are extremely refined about this kind of raw jade stone. Most people do not have a special person to recommend it, so they can not get the right to exploit it at all. Counting up, even if Myanmar's own people, but also for this mine beaten head broken and bleeding, how can they two foreigners so easily touch hands? "Anyway, I have a direction. Anyway, I'm going to find a good base for the original stone. It's better than closing my eyes and being blind." Lao Jin was really upset by the eyes of the whole school this week. This group of people estimated that all of them were suspicious of Szeto Bai, turning around and seeing no one, and as a result, their eyes fell on her and Yunxi. Yunxi is not bad, we all know that her background is not general, so the eyes are still a little bit of fear, to her here, almost become the whole crowd. On the way to and from school, I almost suspected that I was becoming a public figure. As a result, she greatly admired someone's calm, think at the beginning, was put on the home page every day and Xiaoyun side by side, that calm strength also do not know where to come from. I'll think about it again. In fact, Grantham only provides a direction. If you really let them go to explore the way, only rely on these two laymen, it is estimated that even if you really find it, it is normal to be cheated. What else do you think. I can tell you that Gu Yuxuan's stock is not much left, if it is true that one day suddenly opened the skylight,stesweet stevia, it is estimated that people can laugh to death. Because it sells too well, the result is that the supply of goods can not be guaranteed, closing down, tut, this kind of thing is thought to be done by the boss with a bad brain, you say, right? Seeing that the class was over, the old professor gave her a vicious look. She turned her head and put her head on Yunxi maliciously, pretending to be in pain. Yunxi found that Lao Jin had recently become more and more fond of spoofing, and did not know what novel he had read,saw palmetto extract, and was fascinated by the name of the owner and the shopkeeper. In front of the people in the shop, he showed off that he was the shopkeeper. As long as he had the chance, he would call her "the owner", as if he were filming. One hand claps open the head of somebody: "Always must look for a few guides, expert follows, with respect to you such, had not arrived place, estimation can be gnawed by the person." Leng Yunxi was speechless. Fortunately, Xiaobai didn't see her crazy appearance. Otherwise, it was estimated that the name of "Xiaobaibai" could be changed. It was agreed that as long as there was news, I would be the first to attend. Staying at school was also surrounded by monkeys, so they simply asked for "sick leave" like Xiaobai. Yunxi wry smile, his attendance rate, followed by a "sick leave", it is estimated that Zhang Bo's side can bombard her with phone calls. In order to avoid making a fool of himself, Yunxi, who was grabbed by Lao Jin, waved his hand, lutein eye complex ,jujube seed powder, found his own driver, got into the car at a high speed, and asked for help. In other words, as soon as I arrived at the old alley, I saw several people sitting under an old tree at the gate of "Guyuxuan", smiling and watering the tree, while still muttering: "How can there be no fate? If a few years earlier, we might have become old friends, talking about jade pendants, talking about jade, how good it would be. Yun Xi listens to this sound to feel familiar, hit face to face, well, be brought at the outset this basement "check goods" a few experts. Look at this posture, it is estimated that there is no less, a pair of "spiritual intercourse" with others for a long time, but no chance to meet the sigh, each white-haired, but there is no trace of old face, a look is very concerned about maintenance. Gentlemen, I haven't seen you for some time. Are you all right? Yunxi felt that sometimes the chance was so coincidental that people had to sigh that it was wonderful. Just now she told Lao Jin that she could not make the trip without experts on the road, and she even sent the master of treasure appreciation to her eyes. If Grantham hadn't mentioned it from the beginning to the end, she would have suspected that he had arranged it in  why do I feel that there is no violation and feeling at all? Or did she subconsciously feel that Yunxi had won Xiao Childe once, and of course,carnosic acid price, his golden figure was knocked down to the world? When I think about it, I feel something is wrong. Old Jin looked strangely as he stepped back from the half leg he had just stepped out. How can I just take a step closer, but I can't move forward or backward because of the momentum of this man. prius-biotech.com

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