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Scream queen

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She was about to be swallowed up by the snakes in an instant, but suddenly she saw a large open space around her. It's at least seven meters in diameter, and not only that, starting with her, a route is going straight through this sinkhole, like Moses dividing the sea. It's just that people get the sea water and she gets the snakes, but those snakes really can't get close to that range anyway. As they guessed, the pit was even deeper than they thought. The thickness of the snakes was nearly 20 meters, which looked terrible and disgusting. What are you waiting for? Come down Zhu Yang waved to them. A few people look at each other: "Is this immortal?" Adam was the only one who was more concerned: "On the first day, we were really lucky not to be killed." Fortunately, they still have the idea of exercising well and striving for turning over. No, isn't the point that humans have evolved superpowers? Said Larsen. Even if she turns into a dragon with a horn on her head now, that's what should be discussed after the mission is over. Black-haired alpha road. Tucao is Tucao, the action is not ambiguous, jump down one after another, walk around Zhu Yang. Ten men ran forward with all their strength, and within half a minute they were out of the sinkhole. Standing on the other end of the hill, looking at the snake pit that had changed back to its original shape, people were still a little incredulous. Before they could sigh, they suddenly saw that there seemed to be a creature in their line. Flaming red, huge-chicken? The chicken stood on the edge of the pit and ate the snake on the edge,collapsible pallet box, one at a time, as sweet as eating insects. Their eldest child stands beside it pats its buttock: "Delicious?" "Don't eat too much if it's delicious, and keep it in the back of your stomach." The huge cockerel stopped, then raised his wings and flew down to the middle of the snake pit. They seemed to see some red sparks falling below, and then as soon as the sparks fell into the pit, a fire suddenly broke out, like a gasoline barrel. Not to mention the entire sinkhole, at least within a few dozen meters in diameter in front of them,collapsible pallet bin, the snakes were scorched, blackened and twisted to death at the bottom of the pit, crushed into ashes by other snakes, and looked very miserable. This is so powerful that it's almost more extensive than the previous medium to test the swarm weapon, and a few alpha have the illusion of crossing the fantasy continent by themselves. We're still in our own world, right? Still on a mission, right? No one could give a definite answer, but the chicken was repeatedly dissatisfied with its results. Fly back to Zhu Yang's side, some frustrated with her head arch. Zhu Yang touched its head and said, "It's already very powerful!"! It's more powerful than I thought. As she grew stronger, she was covered with feathers all over her body. After losing the image of the baby, she also unlocked several talents and skills out of thin air. This kind of fire is one of them, which condenses its spiritual power into energy blocks like Mars, and then fans its wings to the target. Although it is not a precise strike skill, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic bulk containers, it has a wide range of lethality and is also very useful. Xiao Ji was comforted, and then he twisted his buttocks awkwardly and looked at a few alpha, knowing that he was helping his mother in this task. He raised his wings and made a military salute on his forehead. Why, why do you feel like a well-behaved child? Adam said. Of course, my children are the best. Zhu Yang is quite proud. Xiao Ji now has a good fighting capacity, and as he grows up, his bones and muscles become more and more tough. He has been guided by his father and vulture teacher before. He is good at both close combat and ability. This kind of environment can still be released to help. It came out one step ahead of Longlong, which made it very proud. It kept strutting when it was marching, but it made a few alpha strange and bad. Had it not  matter how to struggle, strength is not one in ten, but not even a bitter battle. After more than a dozen high-level Zerg died,ibc spill containment pallet, their bodies were still intact, at most with holes in their bodies or necks. These guys are so big that some of them can't be killed by a knife. Zhu Yang then went up to the other side to fill a knife, but also follow the principle of not destroying the body. binpallet.com

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