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Shang Guan Ding Qing Tian Fei Long

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He withdrew his palm and said softly, "Sister Shuang, you can continue to work for twelve weeks, and you will be finished." Then, there is a silence, such as frost just smile, slowly open the eyes like water, watching the handsome face of Tsinghua. Suddenly, she jumped up and put her hands around Tsinghua's neck, representing her words with cherry lips. Winter nights are still as cold! The north wind is still whistling at the window! But the two hearts under the lamp in the room have infinite happiness and warmth! After that, they stayed in Baiyangping for three days and spent the New Year. During the day, they went to Wushan to explore the scenery. By the way, they taught Rushuang to practice the "shadowy footwork" and the "serial technique" created by Tsinghua University. In the evening, they returned to Changchun to stay. Bai Rushuang has been appointed as the governor since then. Skill has advanced by leaps and bounds, especially the power of "Cold Star Swordsmanship" is amazing! Therefore, she was particularly happy, galloping between the broken streams and hanging rocks every day, playing on the green trees in the deep valley, which attracted the childlike innocence of Ying Qinghua. From time to time, she roared and laughed with her charming voice! Two days later, if the frost has been familiar with the body and technique, Qinggong also followed an amazing progress, sometimes a vertical more than ten Zhangs, like a bird flying in the air. However, this Nizi knew in her heart that although she had made amazing progress, she was still far from the lovely elder martial brother. Looking at his performance against the enemy several times, and the relaxed situation here in the past two days, it was really unfathomable, so she deliberately tried. On the evening of the third day, when they were about to return to the store, Rushuang said to Qinghua with a smile, "Brother Hua,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, ten miles down the mountain, there are no people. You let me run a few hundred feet first, and then start to catch up. When can I catch up?" When Qinghua heard this, he said with a smile, "Sister Shuang has made great achievements. I'm afraid I can't catch up with her. Why bother to make a fool of myself?" "No!"! You can lie! If the frost steps on the foot and does not depend on it, it pretends to be charming and angry. Tsinghua had no choice but to pretend to be sour and bow down, saying, "I dare not!"! Frost younger sister boudoir order like this, younger brother respect line is also! If the frost giggles and says "I'm gone", it's like a bird returning to the forest and going far away in the blink of an eye. After Qinghua looked at her and saw that she was far away, he shook his head with a smile,Cold Drawn Tubes, lifted his breath and worked hard. With a long roar, he rose to the sky. After two or three ups and downs, he saw the frost galloping ahead as fast as he could. Appreciate her beautiful figure, feel very happy, because also deliberately tease her, step up to chase. Rushuang was filled with joy, thinking that it would take a long time for Shige to catch up, but as soon as the long roar fell, he felt a gust of wind beside him, his slender waist tightened, his legs bent soft, and his whole body was held in his arms and flew through the air! As a result, "Ouch", exclaimed pale! When she saw the color of her face, she was so happy that she pounded Tsinghua's chest and said, "You are bad!"! You scared me! I'll hit you! After a few taps, she pressed her face against Tsinghua's left chest and reached out to pull Tsinghua's nose. He was so angry that he fell to the ground without moving. Looking at her mischievous appearance, he laughed and said, "Well, well, it's time to come down and go by yourself!"! Otherwise, the people of Baiyangping will laugh at us! If the frost knew it was the truth, impact beam tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, he had to go down shyly, gave him a white look, turned around and ran away, provoking another string of laughter from Tsinghua. Five days later, they arrived at Xihe Town, which is at the foot of Wudang Mountain, only a few dozen miles away from the peak. Wudang Mountain belongs to the northern branch of Bashan Mountain Range. Its main peak is high in Yunhan. It is said that it is the place where Emperor Wu ascended to heaven. Among them, there are 36 rocks and 27 peaks, the highest of which is Tianzhu Peak. In addition, there are Nanyan, Zixiao, Zhanqi and other peaks, all of which are places for Taoist practice. Five or six miles into the mountain, that is, to the Jiejian Spring, beside which there is a Taoist temple. When visitors and pilgrims come here, they must untie their weapons and store them there. Then they go up and cross the mountain to the Xuanzhen Palace. It is said to be the place where the Wudang Patriarch used to cultivate  Qinghua with Younger Martial Sister Bai Rushuang of Mount Hua." The Taoist priest was a disciple of the third generation of Wudang. He knew that he was a person related to the master,side impact beams, but because they were too young and had not been confirmed by the master, they still did not perform the ceremony. He only bowed back and said, "Please wait a moment. Let Xiaodao go into the palace and tell me." cbiesautomotive.com

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