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Soul Capturing Flag-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Sure enough, a moment later, the "East Monk" Zuitou Tuo appeared in the east and turned around, and the "West Way" Tianchi Taoist appeared in the west! It turned out that Zuitou Tuo, Tianchi Taoist Priest, and others were "the best in heaven and earth." After they had gone quite a long way, Zuitou Tuo stopped and said to Tianchi Taoist Priest, "The more I think about it, the more I feel that the identity of the person who dressed up as a'soul-snatching flag 'and threw a card at us is too suspicious. It's better to go back to the'Fragrant Snow Sea' together and explore it unexpectedly and quietly!" "Tianchi Taoist Priest" nodded in agreement, and "Qian Kun Shuang Jue" turned back again, but just after entering the "Fragrant Snow Sea" large Merlin, he heard the last sentence of Ji Tianguo from the depths of Merlin: "Otherwise, the four words'Nine Poisons Scholar 'will be removed from the martial arts world!" When the words "East Monk" and "West Road" were heard, the two sides were divided into two parts, and the electric disease outflanked them. As a result, the man dressed up as the "Soul Capturing Flag" just now stood out with another strange Qingshan scholar! The Taoist Priest Tian Chi laughed and asked, "Which one of you is Ji Tian Que, the'Nine Poisons Scholar 'who is famous in Jianghu?" One of the "East Monk" and the "West Way" came at random, which was enough to give Ji Tianxiu a headache, not to mention that both of them came together, plus a Shangguan spirit who could not only "write in the south" Zhuge Yi's "seven strokes of flowers", but also really "capture the soul flag" Zhong Li's old man's "cloud floating lightning body method", slowly speaking of a "nine poisonous scholar",smart board interactive whiteboard, let him have two more hands, and he would not escape justice! But Ji Tian lack of generation of evil people, in such a crisis below, the mind was calm as usual, not disorderly! Hear out The "East Monk" Zuitou Tuo and the "West Way" Tianchi Taoist Priest didn't even know the man opposite, who claimed to be the fifth "Soul Capturing Flag." Then they raised their eyebrows slightly and had a plan in mind. They laughed and said, "Look at the style of your costumes. It's obvious that you are the" West Way "and the" East Monk "of the" Five Wonders of Qian and Kun. "Don't you know the shape and costume of Ji Tianguo, the" Nine Ji Tianguo's words were unusually tricky. He did not deny his identity,smart boards for conference rooms, but gently added the four words "Nine Poisons Scholar" to Shangguan Ling, who was dressed up as a "soul-snatching flag"! Tianchi Taoist and Zuitou Tuo suffered from the fact that they did not know the true face of Ji Tianguo, the "Nine Poisons Scholar", and felt that the identity of the man who had just thrown the strange "soul-snatching flag" to himself was suspicious? He was used by Ji Tianguo's trick. Decided to ask Shangguan Ling first! The Taoist Priest Tianchi was in the west, close to Shangguan Ling, so he pushed his right palm slightly on his chest, and a stream of "Taixuan True Qi" shot out alone! "Are you a scholar of nine poisons?" He shouted in a deep voice? Please show your true colors. !” Shangguan Ling could not help but feel angry and amused, thinking to himself that the elder of Tianchi Taoist was really crazy? Appearing as it is. "Nine Poison Scholar" Ji Tianguo, clearly standing over there, but listened to his slippery answer, to investigate their true colors! Because he had previously suffered from the "Eastern Monk" Drunken Head Tuo's "Arhat Strength", he knew more about the "Western Way" Tianchi Taoist's "Taixuan True Qi", which was stronger than the "Arhat Strength", and naturally did not dare to resist it. He frowned at the tip of his eyebrows, and had a plan in mind. His body was slightly shaking, avoiding the wind of splitting his face. In his hand, interactive panel board ,interactive touch screens education, he waved the pole of the "soul-snatching flag" and used a type Attack "Tianchi Taoist Priest"! Shangguan Ling was proud and had a strong character. Since he had decided not to reveal his true colors after taking revenge on Ji Tianguo, the "Nine Poisons Scholar", he insisted and refused to give up halfway! But the current situation, and do not want the real "nine poison scholar" Ji Tianguo, sit back and reap the benefits of others, too take advantage w what to do? Seeing this, Zuitou Tuo gave a sneer and said to Tianchi Taoist Priest, "Chi Taoist Priest, ask them three more times. If you still don't answer, split up. You clean up the man dressed up in the'Soul Capturing Flag ',4k smart board, and I'll clean up the Qingshan Scholar!" This method, listen to Shangguan Ling quite nerve-racking, Ji Tianguo did not care! hsdsmartboard.com

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