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Super Inn System

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The next moment, Lin Dong appeared in front of Tianpeng Bird, and the Ruyi stool in his hand turned into a huge shield again.  Destroy the tree? This move has already been used. Chi Yufeng said coldly, "If the tree is destroyed, cut off his limbs, gouge out his eyes, and keep him alive for twenty years.". If the tree is not destroyed,outdoor endless pool, spare his life. Several Jin Shizong elders made a gesture to attack. Lin Dong stunned, originally he thought that the cloud sky relied on the identity of the peak strong, did not use this move, did not expect that people do not eat this set. That's tough Chi Yu Feng ruthless, Lin Dong is not a vegetarian, suddenly reached out to grab the trunk of the dream tree, suddenly pulled. Sniff. In the eyes of countless eyes, the dream tree was pulled up, above, scattered hanging more than a dozen immature fruits, began to wither rapidly. Kill, kill, kill.. Chi Yufeng felt that his chest was blocked by a huge stone, which made him breathless and so angry that he was ready to explode. He did not expect that the other side would be so cruel. This pull, the fruit is gone, the enemy knot, even if there is cheap is also the children of future generations. If the tree is dead, it is a waste of work. Chi Yufeng was so angry that his seven orifices were filled with smoke, jacuzzi suppliers ,garden jacuzzi tub, and he could not imagine that, except for his disciples or disciples, almost all the strong people who had reached the peak of the realm of no desire could frighten him, but they could not frighten a young man. This is Meng Hui Shu, the ninth order auxiliary cultivation of spiritual material Meng Hui Shu At that moment, Chi Yufeng is really crazy, originally still want to frighten Lin Dong, let him throw rats and avoid weapons, now, he threw caution to the wind, say what also have to kill Lin Dong. No matter how strong Tianjian Zong is, no matter what kind of future trouble it will bring to Jin Shizong, he has made up his mind to kill Lin Dong.   "My disciple is willing to cut him into pieces to dispel the hatred in Shifu's heart." "Remember, cut the body into pieces," Chi Yufeng shouted. A group of elders gnashed their teeth, and the elder could not help saying, "Cangju, the dream of Huiguo was destroyed to become a fact.". This man is ruthless and decisive. If he is too heavy, he will only force him to destroy the dream tree. We, Jin Shizong, have to pay such a high price that it will all go down the drain. What's more, the Tianjian Sect has an extraordinary strength, and even has a longer history than our Jinshi Sect. Their successor is also rumored to be a genius. In addition, he has a peak strong man in charge. If he is killed,endless swimming pool, there will be endless trouble. "Destroy my dream. It's time to kill." Liu Cangju answered faintly and paced forward, his eyes cold, and the cold air approaching Lin Dong. monalisa.com

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