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Super Soldier King _ Ming Dynasty No Wine _ txt Novel Paradise

2022-10-25 21:14   Services   Santol   234 views

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However, the major forces of the island still know Ye Qian, so Ye Qian specially made up, the appearance has changed a lot, pasted a beard, eyebrows have become thicker. If it is not a familiar person, I believe it is difficult to recognize him at a glance. If we say that Ye Qian used to have a little juvenile breath, now after this dress, Ye Qian's manliness is stronger, more and more like a heroic strong man. The hotel Molong had already arranged for him, and the day before Ye Qian came here, Song Ran had already handed over the affairs of the island country to the rest of the company and returned to China. Song ran is very clear, Ye Qian this time to the island country, is bound to have a big move, if he stays in the island country, is bound to let Ye Qian have worries, dare not let go of hands and feet to do a big job. However, Song ran left Wu Huanfeng behind. Only in this way, she will be a little more peace of mind, after all, one more helper is one more strength. Moreover, he also absolutely believed that as long as Wu Huanfeng was there,silk cherry blossom tree, no one would hurt Ye Qian's life unless Wu Huanfeng died. In the whole wolf tooth, Wu Huanfeng is perhaps the most special one, and his feelings for Ye Qian are also the most special one. Others may regard Ye Qian as a brother, cherish him, regard him as a leader, and respect him. However, in Wu Huanfeng's heart, he said that he regarded himself as a more important person than his own life,outdoor ficus tree, just because Ye Qian was the first person to understand his heart, so he was willing to die for Ye Qian without complaint. Just as Ye Qian took a fancy to the blood wave in the British Museum, Wu Huanfeng did not hesitate to steal the blood wave from the British Museum. Although he was scarred and disabled, he still did not regret it. If he was given a chance to do it again, he would still choose to do it. Ye Qian also repeatedly told Wu Huanfeng about this problem, let him not regard himself as everything, to understand himself better, however, to no avail. Finally, Ye Qian is too lazy to say that everyone in the wolf tooth has a little bit of paranoia. Wu Huanfeng is no exception. This also makes Ye Qian feel more and more indebted to Wu Huanfeng in his heart. In the hotel room, Ye Qian was still dressed with a big beard, and Li Wei on the opposite side looked at him and couldn't help laughing. Laughing very happily, no matter how much danger he faces, he can always amuse himself. In his own words, even if he will die tomorrow, Faux cherry blossom tree ,outdoor palm trees, he will live a wonderful life today. Molong, Feng Lan, Wu Huanfeng sitting opposite Ye Qian, the expression is not as exaggerated as Li Wei, although Ye Qian's dress is quite different from before, but it looks quite attractive. Ye Qian did not refuse Wu Huanfeng to stay, promised Song ran, or to make Song ran feel at ease. Ye Qian gave Li Wei an angry look and said, "Is it funny?" No, no, I just think it's too attractive for the boss to dress like this. Boss, I can assure you that if you go ou going to visit him. "I'm afraid it's a little difficult. I don't know him, and there's no other way to get in touch with him." Mo Long said, "Otherwise, I will let the disciples of Ming Mo try later. They have been in the island country for a long time. Maybe they will know better." "No, leave it to me." Wu Huanfeng said,silk ficus tree, "I had two meals with Hasegawa when I was with Sister Ran. Although I have no friendship, I believe it's no problem to meet him.". What's more, it's the chairman of Hao Tian Group who made an appointment with him. I think he will be interested. hacartificialtree.com

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