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"I'm X, and I'm a hybrid!" The new generation blew a bubble, then burst with a "bang", and the whole bubble covered his mouth. He stretched out his right hand to cover his mouth and rubbed it, and the gum returned to his mouth intact. Beauty, come on, let's get to know each other. My brother's name is Huang Tian. Everyone calls me Brother Tian. I don't know the name of the beauty? With these words, Huang Tian stretched out his right hand and put it in front of Shirley. Shirley looked at his palm and remembered that she had just rubbed gum, and felt sick and nauseous! As you can imagine, if you want her to reach out and shake hands with him, you'd better kill her! At this moment, it is natural for Han Feng to come out. He pulled Shirley behind him, frowned, but did not speak, only looked at Huang Tian. Huang Tian withdrew his hand resentfully, but unexpectedly did not continue to cause trouble. Instead, he said to Han Feng, "Brother, let's have a competition." He pointed to the game machine that caught the doll, and without waiting for Han Feng to agree, he sat directly on another machine next to him. Han Feng is noncommittal, anyway he originally is to catch, also continue to start. Before the strength of the road, Han Feng has been thoroughly understood, so this time to catch up, but it is a catch, the next seven opportunities, each time caught a doll out, the inside of those who can catch a clean little doll. And that Huang Tian, the technology is also good, caught three, the other several times did not catch. He originally thought that by virtue of his frequent play with this bubble MM technology, he could win the novice, but he did not expect that the other side seemed to suddenly break out and catch a full house. Haha, I can't use Brother Tian's last move. Someone muttered at the bottom. This yellow day, often bubble MM here,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, meet a couple to come over, if the other side MM is good, put forward to compete with the other side, after winning the other side, said that the bet is each other's MM, in order to take the opportunity to make trouble. Liu Yueshuang not only got the Chihuahua toy, but also accidentally got several other lovely dolls, Shirley also had a share, two people are happy at the same time worried about these hoodlums around. Brother Feng, let's go. Liu Yueshuang pulled Han Feng's clothes. Han Feng doesn't want to stay here anymore: "Well, go." They want to go, but temporarily can not go, Huang Tian lost face in front of everyone, naturally refused to give up, not to mention, he coveted the two pure beauty in front of him. Hey, don't go yet. Huang Tian blocked in front of Han Feng, "Brother, I didn't think you really didn't show your face. You have two brushes.". Tell you what, faux ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, let's do it again, let's do the dance, shall we? If you beat me again, all right, I admit defeat, you go, otherwise. Han Feng interrupts impatiently: "You, go!" Huang Tian listens, complexion changed immediately, be said so face to face, on the face which still hang: "Ho!"! I X! Shame on you! You are so rude! Lao Tzu is standing here today. I tell you, without Lao Tzu's nod, you can't go out of this door! Several people around him gathered around in an instant and surrounded Han Feng and the three of them in the middle. Han Feng's patience has reached the edge of the limit! The good mood was disturbed by a fly! Huang Tian continued, "Unless you leave me the two chicks behind you, hey.." "Cough!" The obscene laughter suddenly stopped! But his neck was suddenly strangled by a hand! Without any warning, Han Feng stretched out his right hand, pinched the noier, she looked at Han Feng with stars in her eyes, and kept saying to herself in her heart: "selves had already flown back and fallen out, accompanied by "Bang!"! Boom! Two loud bangs. A lot of people do not know what happened in the end,fake blossom tree, obviously watching the boy to be beaten, how these two people suddenly flew out? The eyes are a little better, but see that it is Han Feng to these two people instantly kicked two feet and caused the result. hacartificialtree.com

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