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Survival of terror

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A pair of smooth and regular hands were now full of sunken wounds, which looked particularly ferocious. Why didn't we recover from our injuries? Are we through? How to pass the customs? What did you do when I was in a coma? He has a lot of questions to ask. Qiaoyuan rubbed his eyebrows with a headache. He was in a bad mood and physical condition at this time. He really didn't want to answer. Seeing this, Yu Zizhe immediately turned to Yao Xiangming and said, "We have passed the customs. As for how to pass the customs, it's probably because we were in a coma but managed to survive for seven days. This is good luck." "Then why didn't our wounds heal?" Yao Xiangming found that Qiaoyuan and Yu Zizhe were also covered with large and small wounds, and even inevitably had some abrasions on their faces, and their originally good-looking faces had now become somewhat ferocious. When it comes to this, Yu Zizhe's mood obviously fluctuates. He frowned and spoke in a cold voice. We have no points to treat the wound, and the previous treatments actually cost us part of the points. After waking up, the customer service also said that we would have died in a coma in the space, but they gave us extra free recovery of fatal injuries, these abrasions and fractures were not treated. As soon as his voice fell, Qiaoyuan next to him snorted coldly: "What's extra free? I think it's not worthwhile for us to die like this. I think we can reuse our disabled appearance now." The expression on Yao Xiangming's face turned from blankness to anger, and the eyebrows on a doll's face almost squeezed his eyes. He gave a loud roar and scolded, "Damn it!"! Do we have to go on to the next level like this? It's better to die in the last level! Yu Zizhe pursed his lips and said, "Don't be too pessimistic. Maybe we can survive the next level like this." "What if you survive?"? We can't resist at all. What if they don't make enough money and don't let us go? Yao Xiangming replied. There's nothing wrong with that. What if they really don't fulfill the agreement and don't let them go? Unable to resist,tube lip gloss, should they accept their fate and continue to suffer, or simply commit suicide? Yes, they don't even have the strength to resist. If the other side is rogue enough, they can beat the other side? This is almost impossible. Yu Zizhe was silent for a long time before he said, "What can you do now?"? You know yourself? Are you willing? Yao Xiangming's face was livid, and it was obvious that he was not reconciled. Even the memory can not be found back to die, it is completely unknown. His wounded hand slowly clenched into a fist,metal cosmetic tubes, and the scabby wound burst and bled. Yao Xiangming clenched his teeth for a moment and shook out a long breath uncontrollably. He changed the subject and asked, "Where is Sister Jixue?"? It seems that I haven't seen her since just now. Is she here, too? Are you all right? Qiaoyuan pointed behind him. "Here, over there.." See if you can comfort her. Yao Xiangming turned his head and was startled. Luo Jixue sat facing the wall not far behind him, her long hair hanging down to cover her face, her hands hanging unnaturally at her sides, and her fracture was not yet healed. She bent her back to three people, all over the body exudes great resentment, Yao Xiangming even felt that the area she was in was much darker than the surrounding. Um. Send the snow sister. Yao Xiangming got up slowly and approached slowly with a limp. Send snow sister to you. Are you all right? Does your hand hurt? He squatted about half a meter away from Luo Jixue and did not dare to approach him completely. Luo Jixue still stood motionless against the wall, his face covered by his hair completely expressionless. Yao Xiangming looked at Qiaoyuan and Yu Zizhe not far away for help, but all he got was two helpless eyes. After struggling for a long time, plastic cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic plastic tube, he said, "Well, the reality is very pessimistic, but we still have to live.". Be strong, okay? Be strong! Maybe we can really find a way to win that group of "higher beings"  drag her feet and kill others. Looking at Luo Jixue, Yao Xiangming felt even more frustrated and suddenly became anxious: "Sister Jixue, take it easy, cheer up, cheer up!" Luo Jixue sighed softly,eye cream packaging tube, did not move, but faced the wall in a hoarse voice: "If the next world." If it's more dangerous, you can throw me away. I'll kill you if I look like this. emptycosmetictubes.com

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