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The Age of Technology: The Strongest Learning System

2022-10-25 21:36   Services   Santol   319 views

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Yu Yiye came to the laboratory with Qiu Youyou looking at a pile of nutrient solution is very excited these things are the main products of the future can not be excited The whole formula is no problem even the first batch of nutrient solution has passed the standard test all the certificates and so on have been taken if it is no problem to sell now but if it is not sold together with the war soul the significance of this thing will be greatly reduced So after seeing the whole product and even trying it himself Yu Yiye made up his mind to urge the progress of the game over there Qiu Youyou introduced the nutrient solution and then took out the nutrient sugar that coaxed Cao Sixing to try This is awesome such a small thing the energy is actually greater than the energy of the nutrient solution just now you said that you have increased the energy of this nutrient sugar right Eat one for a long time "Yes and we have also reduced the duration of some meal replacement nutrient solutions to only one meal after all one is semi-solid and the other is liquid there are still some differences" Of course after talking about it for a long time it's just a lot of subdivisions It doesn't mean that this thing will be cancelled or something else Yu Yiye raised his eyebrows If the energy is so great it is useless for ordinary people Even if people use nutrient solution now it Apparel is also because they want to use it for emergency that is one meal or two meals If they eat this they will eat it at every turn which er This man is old and he still needs to know how to keep in good health in winter Ah it's better to be young Leaning against the window and looking out at Gu Liangyi who was training with a group of soldiers Xu Tefeng suddenly sighed Since Yu Yiye threw the boy downstairs a group of people have watched Gu Liangyi change From the reluctance at the beginning to the hard training now the change is really quite big This little leaf that what game in the end is what ah "" Before Wei Yutong asked Qin Man to call Yu Yiye to inquire about the specific situation Qin Man asked Yu Yiye said the words also spread to Xu Tefeng's ears But what Yu Yiye said was also unclear China Manufacturers and as a result apart from arousing people's curiosity there was no follow-up which could only make everyone's heart itch These two days Xu Tefeng also did not want to ask in the past but this thought also did not come up with how to ask after all people do not want to say you asked is also white ask ah So the depressed Xu Tefeng can only turn his attention to the installed star computer Star computer is now a hot brand computer in China at least the style and style are completely different from other desktop computers it is Yu Yiye to get the smart contact lens out which is much Textiles & Leather Products better than the mirror film Now Xu Tefeng knows that Huaxing will be a treasure in the future and y the application of big data has been popularized by cloud computing and the production speed has been improved again but the production of personalized products is the prelude In the face of people's needs more and more personalized customization is essential Yu Yiye naturally considered this situation Huaxing's future factory fully automated management as long as there are data and materials can create quite perfect products trade-global.com

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