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The Complete Works of Qin Xu, the Death of Hokage _ Pai Pai Novels

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Zilai also immediately bounced up from the ground: "No, since he is a descendant of Watergate, I have the obligation to teach him what I taught Watergate. You can rest assured that your brother will be given to me, and I will teach him well." Qin Xu turned his head and looked at him questioningly. "Are you telling the truth?" Zilai also threw his hair and said, "I am a big toad fairy in Miaomu Mountain. I never tell lies." Qin Xu shrugged his shoulders. "Well, you have to teach well." Said Qin Xu ran to Naruto's ear: "You already know his weakness, learn well, you can get a lot of powerful Ninjutsu you want." With that, Qin Xu patted Naruto on the shoulder. Xiang Zilai also said hello and disappeared in an instant. Zilai also looked at Naruto treacherously: "Hey hey hey, kid, can you praise the ninjutsu you just did?" Unconvinced, Naruto shouted, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I'm not a kid." With these words, Naruto once again used the transformation. Zilai did not fly out this time, but drooled and stared at the man Naruto had conjured up. Just as he was in high spirits,faux grass wall, Naruto suddenly lifted the transformation: "Do you still want to see it?" Zilai also swallowed saliva, and the monkey nodded anxiously. Naruto looked at Zilaiya with a sinister smile. "So, let's start training." ~ _ ~ _ ~ the snowflakes are floating by ~ When Sasuke was training himself, he suddenly felt a sneak attack from behind. He immediately jumped up and dodged the two swords in his hand. He took out the bitter sword and turned around to block it, but was surprised to find that it was Qin Xu's sword that was blocked. Qin Xu smiled and somersaulted to the ground: "Yes, the reaction is very quick.". You have mastered the chakra nature change of thunder attribute,decorative palm trees, and the change of fire attribute is handed down from your Uchiha family. I don't need to teach you. That is to say, you can master the two kinds of ninjutsu of thunder and fire very well now. You know a lot about fire dun. I teach you thunder dun now. Seeing that Sasuke was listening carefully, Qin Xu smiled and said, "Pay attention to the order of my seals." With that, Qin Xu sealed the seal: "Lei Dun · Pseudo-dark." Five meters in front of Qin Xu turned into a scorched earth. Sasuke looked at Qin Xu's handprint, and his eyes had completely remembered it. Qin Xu looked, "Teaching Sasuke is really relaxed." I don't usually use Ninjutsu, so it's less powerful. But if you can master these ninjutsu completely, the power is considerable. Ok, you have memorized the handprint, and the next thing to do is to practice. Don't just stand there, artificial coconut palm trees ,large artificial blossom trees, start. With that, Qin Xu jumped onto a big tree, while Sasuke began Lei Dun's ppproach, she will never put on a big lady's appearance with other people, if the eyes are blocked, absolutely no one will regard her as the daughter of a big family. If you think it's wrong for Hinata to do so, then you'd better leave. We are not the same people. Say that finish, Qin Xu walked into his room,faux ficus tree, he just and Ningci dialogue white heard very clearly, Qin Xu can not want to interfere with the normal rest of white. Chapter 41: Transition, the arrival of the Eighteen Riders. hacartificialtree.com

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