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The entertainment circle is also haunted today.

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Tang Xu did not notice, but said his own thoughts: "I think she seems very sad." Cry out all the blood. Xue Ji did not reply, but his lips pursed more tightly, almost in a straight line. Tang Xu stared at his tight jaw line from bottom to top, and after a long time without a response, he said, "I'm sorry, I forgot you were afraid of ghosts, so I won't describe it to you." His apology sounded insincere, so he was expected to get a dirty look from Xue Ji. Zhang Ying's ghost floated to the front of the wall, Tang Xu's line of sight could not help but follow her, found that she was looking up at the banner hanging on the wall. The banner with black characters on a white background reads: Comrade Zhang Ying is immortal. Tang Xu looked at her back, suddenly want to know what her heart is thinking now, see their own memorial service, if she really committed suicide, her heart will not regret now? Someone on the stage was reading a eulogy. Tang Xu took a look and found that the man was the man who had presented lilies in front of Zhang Ying's posthumous photo. Zhang Ying stood not far away, gazing at him sadly without saying a word. Having discovered this, Tang Xu unreasonably felt that perhaps Zhang Ying had an unusual relationship with the man who read the eulogy on the stage. He told Xue Ji about the discovery. Xue Ji licked his lower lip nervously and said,Flush Retrofit Kit, "It should be her agent on the stage." Zhang Ying's agent, Tang Xu, has a little impression. On the way to the memorial service, Ming Xing told him some gossip about Zhang Ying, including about Zhang Ying and her agent. Zhang Ying's Bright Entertainment is not a big company, and there are no famous artists under her name. Zhang Ying has developed well among them. Since her debut at the age of 19, her agent has been responsible for taking care of her. It is said that the relationship between the two people is very close in private. Unlike the relationship between stars and agents,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, it is more like a relationship between relatives and brothers and sisters. In the middle of the memorial service, Tang Xu heard an irrepressible choking sound behind him. He turned his head and met the eyes of a man with tears in his eyes. The man took a tissue to wipe his eyes, and Tang Xucai recognized it as Song Jieyi. Song Jieyi's eyes were red, and the camera was in front of her on the left. She leaned slightly, lowered her eyes, and shrugged her shoulders from time to time. Before she came in, a reporter interviewed her. Tang Xu passed by and heard Song Jieyi crying: "She is really a very gentle person. I have a good relationship with her. Before that, we went out for dinner together." …… Tang Xu withdrew his sight, the atmosphere of the memorial service was too depressing, and it was not easy to get to the last step. The funeral music was played in the ceremony hall. Tang Xu and Xue Jihe held an umbrella and walked out slowly in the crowd. The reporters outside had been waiting for a long time, and the cameras were flashing at them. When Tang Xu was in the ceremony hall, he had already taken off his mask and stuffed it into his pocket to show his respect, Time Delay Tap ,Time Delay Faucet, but it was estimated that he was pushed out by the crowded crowd, and now he couldn't touch his pocket when he left the ceremony hall. I don't really want to worry about it, but.. Did Zhang Ying really commit suicide? Tang Xu slowly fell to the back of the crowd and lowered his voice to discuss. Xue Ji held an umbrella, "hmm?" There was a sound. He couldn't see a ghost, so he didn't know what else Tang Xu had seen in the hall. Tang Xu stretched out an arm to climb up his shoulder, "Zhang Ying just now." He just said a head, was interrupted by Xue Ji: "Do not give me a detailed description." “……” Tang Xu looked at him and blinked. "I'm not going to describe it to you. I just don't think she looks like a suicide." Xue Ji looked ahead to avoid bumping into someone else's umbrella. "Did she tell you?" Tang Xu shook his head, "I'm guessing." He had not yet communicated directly with the ghost, and Li Antong had only written to him in blood all over the wall. That's impressive. Xue Ji frowned. "Don't think  Mingxing sat in the co-driver's seat, holding his mobile phone and brushing Weibo. Originally, Tang Xu's album was scheduled to be released today, because Zhang Ying's memorial service was moved to tomorrow. Today, I just put a short trailer on Weibo first. In fact,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, it was a shooting tidbit. It happened to be a clip of Tang Xu posing on the grass with a flower on his head. This Weibo was quickly brushed by fans: -Ah, ah, fresh brother!!! Today I am the flower/sun. cnkexin.com

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