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The fourth part of the lost country-hidden springs-20200211223322.

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Sima Hui and others are hanging a heart, not to escape to the outside after all can not put down, may be the more afraid of what the more what, was about to climb down the outside of the stone tablet, suddenly felt the wind surging around, endless black fog surging on both sides of the stone tablet, he felt that things were not right, hurriedly pulled back the big tongue that had climbed to the side of the stele, and then shone the light beam of the miner's lamp. The bottom of the stone tablet of the snake worshiper was so dark that the ground could not be seen. Sima Hui, Luo Da Tongue, and Sheng Xianglin hurriedly hung the Soviet-made shark-gilled anti-chemical respirator on their chests to cover their faces when the black fog came. Gao Siyang also had a gas mask found on the Z-615 submarine, which he took out for use at any time. Because the visibility in the black fog around the stone tablet was almost zero, he could not see anything through the filter with the gas mask, so he had to use it at the last moment. Four people half crouched on the top of the stone tablet, found that the front and back were engulfed by black fog, even the top of the head was covered by fog,Low Rpm Electric Motor, the original accessible wall of the cave has been invisible. Luo's big tongue dared to touch behind him, reaching straight into more than half of his arms, but he could only catch the tangible black fog. He said in a bad voice, "Where is the dome of this cave?"? Sima Hui asked Luo Da not to move his tongue. If there was something hiding in the fog, the arm would be gone. Luo Da drew back his hand, which was covered with dark dust and ashes. "What is this?" He asked. Sheng Xianglin looked at the thick black fog around him and said in surprise,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, "Oh, we have encountered this kind of thing in the deep passage of the Lop Nur telescope.." Seeing this, Sima Hui was really frightened. The monster with eyes behind the stone tablet dragged the archaeological team and the stone tablet into a "time box". The Country of Enigma The Eighth Chapter of the Sixth Volume of Youqian Chongquan Gao Siyang found that Sima Hui's face suddenly changed, and he felt very strange in his heart. In the past, even if he encountered a big obstacle, he had always dealt with it calmly, without the slightest sense of retreat and fear. How could he be so desperate when he saw the thick fog like black smoke? At least the stone tablet of the snake worshiper is safe and sound, and the archaeological team should be in a safe situation. Sima Hui knew that such a thick black fog could only appear in the box. At the beginning, near the big iron man navigating in the deep sand sea, the archaeological team met Zhao Lao and the dead C47 albatross plane and the countless gloomy eyes in the abyss. That soul-stirring experience seemed to have happened yesterday, and every detail was clearly remembered. The "Green Tomb" failed to find an underground passage for many years. It is precisely because the archaeological team revealed to Zhao Lao in the box that the ghost radio waves in the secret room of the ancient city, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,12v High Torque Motor, the face of King Champa's rival to the gods and Buddhas, and that only flying snakes could travel through the thick fog of the deep valley, that they fell into an endless cycle of understanding. It can be said that if there is no "time box" in the deep sand sea, From the beginning of the search for mosquito special transport aircraft in the Rift Valley of the Savage Mountain in Myanmar to now, nothing will happen. Perhaps after the retreat of the Burmese Communist People's Army, Sima Hui, Luo Da Tongue, a Cui and others will return to their homeland directly through the primitive jungle. The fate of all people will be rewritten, but the facts that have happened can noaeological team came into contact with the stone tablet of the snake worshiper, the other side failed to deeled from south to northwest, but went through the process of entering and leaving the box on the way, and finally crashed on the edge of the Lop Nur desert, which was impossible to pass through. The fourth event that appeared in the box at that time was the appearance of thousands ofe and climbed out of the cabin with it. Because of this incident,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, the "dead man's flesh" disappeared forever in the turbulence beyond time. Sima Hui and others could not be sure how the tree-shaped ancient God made the last box appear. They could only speculate that it was caused by the earthquake under the heavy spring. This time, it must be related to the explosion of the bundle of explosives carried by the archaeological team. But why didn't the stone tablet of the snake worshiper appear in the box before, which led to so many twists and turns. ichgearmotor.com

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