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The glory of Germany

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Very weak. Moreover, they had to submit to the general line of Moscow and the struggle between the opponents of the bourgeoisie and fascism, and the collapse of the reactionary royal government was not to be regretted. Although the Communist Party of Yugoslavia called on its members to oppose the German occupation, it could not call on the people to revolt as long as the Nazis were regarded as allies of the Soviet Union. But according to secret intelligence from the Imperial Security Service. The Communist Party of Yugoslavia began to secretly set up a military Council as early as after the coup. The chairman of the committee was Tito, general secretary of the Communist Party of China, Ji Ming's most feared enemy. (Yes, Tito was in Moscow at that time.) In addition, Tito ordered Communists to collect weapons and intelligence, rebuild local organizations,a333 grade 6 pipe, train secretly, and set up several small armed organizations. And Ji Ming knows. This Tito, though, did not immediately confront Germany. The main purpose was not that he did not want to confront Germany. It's that Germany is too strong. And the strict ban on communism. If Germany starts attacking the Soviet Union as planned. And move troops from Yugoslavia to the eastern front. Then the whole of Yugoslavia will be turned into a boiling furnace. The partisans led by Tito could take advantage of the different occupation systems and conflicting interests in different areas of Germany to sow discord between Germany and the inhabitants of the occupied areas. Thus intensifying the contradiction. The guerrillas,x52 line pipe, on the other hand, can take advantage of these contradictions to increase their prestige among the local population. At the same time, he took advantage of the opportunity of the revival of Slavic national feelings to constantly strengthen his own strength. And this is what Ji Ming is most worried about. After all, guerrilla warfare, like urban street warfare, has become a difficult tactic to solve in modern warfare and the most headache for commanders in various countries. In short, it was very simple to capture Yugoslavia. But it is not easy to control Yugoslavia completely. Yugoslavia is an ideal paradise for guerrillas. If the German army, uns s32750 sheet ,321 stainless steel sheet, as the defensive side, invests too many troops here, it will seriously weaken its attack force in other directions. Which led to the defeat of Germany in the whole war. This is what Ji Ming does not want to see. So, think before and after. Timming still believed that a strong new Yugoslav government was necessary to stabilize the situation in Yugoslavia. The main strength of this government is not how strong its military power is, nor how close Ming decided on Prince Paul as the new leader of Yugoslavia almost without thinking. That's why he did it. The main reasons are as follows. First of all, Prince Paul once served as the supreme ruler of Yugoslavia. His position in Yugoslavia has an unshakable position. There were his protégés in all departments of Yugoslavia. Now Belgrade is being bombed by Germany. Its government has lost control. Then since now, as long as he ascends a shout. Then there will be successors in the entire Yugoslav sector. And nly agreed to give this political ally a chance. And will support him in power. For all these reasons. Prince Paul are about the demeanor of a general. Go in person as a guest lobbyist. He doesn't talk about Prince Paul's enemies. There was no description of the future. He just looked at the 48-year-old Yugoslavia coldly. "I know what you think.". You don't want to be seen as a traitor by your Serbs,x70 line pipe, you don't want to be seen as a usurper by your own family, and you don't want not to go to heaven after you die. At this point, he looked at each other coldly. But Prince Paul sat there and said nothing. He just looked at each other coldly. As if Ji Ming were his greatest enemy. lksteelpipe.com

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