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The Good Marriage of the Evil Husband of Rebirth by Jiutian Feiyu

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The light of the candle shone on her messy hair, with a slight light, and also shone on Liang Longyi's naked and strong body, shining the sweat all over his body. Those beads of sweat slowly slipped down and dripped on an Yunxi's body, arousing a tremor. Finally an Yunxi tired of the past, I do not know when Liang Longyi is over, even after Liang Longyi holding her to the bathroom to clean, she did not wake up. When an Yunxi woke up, it was already bright. An Yunxi got up and asked Qiaolian to come in and sew the quilt again. Qiaolian knew that An Yunxi was thin-skinned and was afraid that others would see a joke, so she sewed on the soft couch in the bedroom. Liang Longyi walked in, just casually glanced, then his face changed greatly and walked over: "Qiaolian, put things down, don't touch them again." Qiaolian saw that his face was not good, where dare not say the word, hurriedly put down the quilt in his hand. Liang Longyi crouched down in front of the soft couch, reached out his hand and picked up a little powder on the ground. He sniffed it under his nose and shouted, "Yueying, ask Dongfang to call Huaqing." An Yunxi, who was dressing, got up and walked over. "What's wrong?" Liang Longyi got up and grabbed her and said with a smile, "It's all right. You've packed up. I've asked someone to prepare breakfast. Let's go and eat." Finish saying, can't help saying, pull her to go out. In the middle of breakfast, Hua Qing came,stainless steel shower tray, muttering discontentedly, "I'm your boy now. I'm always on call. You're too barbaric to arrest me if you don't agree with me." Hua Qing said, while pulling his messy skirt, it is obvious that he was carried all the way by the East. Hua Qing also complained, but Liang Longyi got up and pulled him straight away. An Yunxi was confused and followed them into the house. There was a little powder on the ground in front of the soft couch, which must have been shaken off by Qiaolian when she was sewing the quilt. Very little, if you don't look carefully, you can't see anything wrong at all. Hua Qing also touched a little with his finger, sniffed it lightly, and his face became very delicate. "Speak up,Service Sink Faucets," said Liang Long anxiously. "What is this?" Hua Qing complexion is more strange: "This is not, it is a kind of pollen only." "Who would put pollen in my bedding for no reason? What is the effect of this pollen? What is it used for?" Hua Qing uttered only two words: "Contraception." With that, he dodged and ran out. When Liang Longyi heard this, he was so furious that he kicked a chair next to him to pieces, one of which hit Dongfang's leg. He grinned in pain, but did not dare to make a sound. Liang Longyi is furious now, or don't send up to be cannon fodder. When An Yunxi saw Liang Long gnashing his teeth, he couldn't help whispering, "Could it be that my aunt was confused for a moment?" "No," said Liang Long breathlessly. "She can't reach into my room yet." There was only one person left, and an Yunxi's face turned pale: "Yes." It's Ji Yun. The name let an Yunxi changed face, let Liang Longyi's anger also instantly extinguished, he looked at an Yunxi white face, forced down the heart full of anger. He took her in his arms and patted her on the back. "Don't worry," he said. "I have everything." Although Liang Longyi tried to comfort, but an Yunxi is still a little frightened, if Ji Yun can calculate into their bedroom, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Self-closing Shower Valve, then his power is too terrible. Liang Longyi was sure that even his own aunt could not do it around him, but Ji Yun did it. Even if she had married, Ji Yun still refused to give up, as long as an Yunxi did not give birth to Liang Wangfu, as long as he brought down Liang Longyi, he could snatch her back again, why did he want to be so persistent, an Yunxi puzzled, sad heart a cold. Liang Longyi checked all the people in the mansion, but there were so many things at the time of the wedding that he couldn't find any flaws at all. Finally, Liang Longyi dismissed all the needlework girls in the mansion. Chinese New Year's Eve according to the list is to entertain the princes in the palace, Liang Wangfu is the imperial relatives, naturally in the invitation of the ranks. At that time, Ji Yun had won the favor of the emperor, just like the first red man in front of the emperor, such a banquet certainly can not be absent, an Yunxi is really unwilling to go, but she is now the  inevitably secretly slander. Faced with the baptism of many eyes, an Yunxi's heart is not as calm as on the surface, and she is the first time to attend the palace banquet,push button toilet flush valve, is nervous and do not know what to do. The crowd suddenly exploded, leaving her behind and looking at the entrance of the banquet, some of them could not help but stand up. cnkexin.com

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