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The Great Demon King

2022-10-23 21:04   For Rent   Bacolod City   156 views

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Location: Bacolod City
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Two fellow practitioners, Regis and Salas, were struck by the power of thunder and lightning, and both of them were attacked by the power of thunder and lightning.  A God who could not abandon everything in battle would not be too terrible even if he reached this level. With this thought, Regis no longer regarded him as a master of the same level, and with a flash of rainbow light in his palm, a dazzling electric burst came out, forcing Vasis to escape in panic. At this very moment. All the while staring at Salas in front of Vasis. The body turned into a rainbow and slammed into Vasis. The thick lightning wrapped around his arms struck Vasis directly in the chest. Make a mouthful of Vasis blood shoot out! "Hey, gas.". You have today, too! Salas grinned grimly. His arms were thick and fierce, and the lightning bombarded Vasis's chest one by one. His fist was close to Vasis. With great force, Vasis crashed straight in the direction of Regis. Regis. Give him one last ride! Saras sneered across Vasis. At this point, Gith was facing the back of Vasis. Vasis and Salas were close together. From the constant flashes of lightning from Navasis,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, it could be predicted that he had been seriously injured. Should have temporarily lost the ability to fight back. All right! Regis answered briskly. Xin Dao Wasis just thought that the defense would be broken so soon. Saiyalu squinted into the air. His face was a little surprised. It seemed unexpected that Vasis should be so vulnerable. Under the joint efforts of Salas and Regis, they were defeated so quickly. In the other direction, Miller's face was full of sneers, and he was no longer cautious and vigilant, because it was obvious that Vasis was no longer able to hold on to his only escape route. At that moment, the mutation protrudes! A freezing fog suddenly flew out from behind Vasis, who should have lost all his strength,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and wrapped the unexpected Regis in an instant. Regis, who was about to give Vasis a fatal blow, was suddenly covered with a layer of ice, and the whole man seemed to be a huge ice statue, and the cold came out of him! "Not good!" Saiyalu was frightened and ignored Han Shuo, who was being absorbed by the soul ball, and hurried to the sky. Miller's face changed with the same horror, and he rushed straight at Regis and shouted, "Salas, you want to die!" "Hey, hey!" Salas's strange laugh rang out, sullenly triumphant. Suddenly, Vasis, who had been spitting blood, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,dap diammonium phosphate, turned and turned slightly sideways to reveal Salas. A huge ice pick appeared out of thin air and pierced the body of Regis, which became an ice sculpture.  A spur was thrown obliquely from the chamber below, and as soon as the spur came out, all the elements of death in the valley trembled, as if the weakest elements of death between heaven and earth had been given life in an instant, dancing happily with the spur's trajectory. Puff! The bone spur pierced Miller's barrier of wind,Magnesium Oxide price, and suddenly, the barrier of wind disappeared, and Miller was completely exposed to Salas and Vasis! "Avoid!" Saiyalu hissed and rushed to Miller as fast as he could. stargrace-magnesite.com  

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Property Size (m²) 3
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