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The modern rebirth of the heroine -- the rebirth of the mountain moon

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Aunt Liu said, "Yes, the Spring Festival is coming, and we are all very busy.". But as soon as this batch of noodles leaves the factory, we can go home for the Spring Festival. She pulled the moon back and asked in a whisper, "Is this your son-in-law?"? He's so handsome! The moon's face was burning. She answered vaguely and asked, "Where is Brother Chen?"? Is he in the office? Aunt Liu shook her head and said, "He went to other places to deliver goods.". One of his brothers looked after the factory. But his daughter-in-law is watching the sales department. Then I'll go to the back shop to see my sister-in-law. Aunt Liu, I'm leaving. The moon took her leave in a hurry, enthusiastically pulling Aunt Liu, who wanted to speak, and walked quickly to the back door of the factory. Runsheng smiled in the back and said, "What's your hurry?"? Walk slowly and be careful of tripping. When the moon saw that she had already bypassed the factory building, she breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "If you don't go quickly, I'm afraid other people will come out to see the freshness.". They have never seen you, and if you are ashamed of them, it will be my sin. Runsheng shook his head and said lightly, "I'm not afraid of people." The moon looked back at him and saw that his smile was light and his eyes were firm, but a simple word seemed to contain countless meanings. She smiled shyly and said, "You're not afraid. I'm terrible.". As soon as those people gathered around us, we couldn't get away for a moment. Runsheng smiled and said meaningfully, "I know you are timid and shy." The moon heard something in his words, but ignored it. She just smiled and pointed to the two rooms in front of her and said, "Here we are. That's our office and the sales department.". That is, the sales facade of our processing plant. The door of the office was closed and there seemed to be no one inside. The moon lifted the cotton curtain hanging at the door of the store and entered the store. In the spacious and bright shop, there are several rows of shelves, which are filled with a wide range of goods: tobacco, alcohol, candy, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar,best green coffee bean extract, all kinds of cakes, and some daily necessities. The packaging is brand-new and gorgeous, the price is marked on it, high, medium and low-grade, and the choice space is very large, which makes people have the impulse to shop. Unlike the traditional goods behind the counter, the goods here are on the shelves and you can choose and buy freely. This is the idea of the moon to open the first supermarket in the county. When the early moon put forward this idea, Chen eldest brother and his wife did not agree at all, feel that this is open to sell goods, if the hands and feet are not clean, is not a loss-making business? Moon did not insist, but suggested that if Big Brother Chen went to some big cities such as the provincial capital, he could look at other people's supermarkets or shopping malls. Later, after Big Brother Chen came back from other places, he slowly selected some of the goods one after another, until now he is completely self-selected. This kind of supermarket is a new thing in the countryside, naringenin price ,akba boswellic acid, gradually attracting villagers from all over the country to shop here, although many people come here just to buy a bag of salt or a catty of vinegar. But the passenger flow is surprisingly large. At that time, there were many customers in the shop, but there was only one salesman. While Mrs.  quietly, but people do not feel unreasonable. She has a beautiful face, treats people warmly, does accounts clearly,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, has a sweet mouth and diligent hands, and is never greedy for the things in the shop. Brother Chen and his wife like it very much. Not only them, but also the people who came to the shop liked her very much. prius-biotech.com

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