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The most powerful son-in-law in history

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When Ouyang Xiu saw that Chen yuan's eyes had disappeared, he began to get down to business: "You don't know that after we took Liu Ping's men away, the army of the horse was no match for that guy Zunren.". During this period of time, they fought dozens of battles, big and small, and won only one or two out of ten. Zunren has come back. When I came, they were preparing to launch a campaign to recapture Kyoto. In my opinion, it's not bad if the horse army can hold for a month. Chen yuan for the course of the war has long been expected, his chchōu transferred troops, Ji Xin's men are no match for the people of Dongying. All he cares about is how many people are dead in Japan now. How about the casualties of the people of the horse? This topic obviously revealed Ouyang Xiu's sympathy, and his face suddenly appeared a God of compassion s sè: "Oh, you didn't see it. I thought that those people who fought against the horse were of the same root as the people of Dongying, and there should be a sense of propriety between them. But I never thought that the first thing the people of Dongying did after laying down a place was to slaughter." This is the virtue of Japan, and Chen yuan can guess it without thinking. Emperor Zunren was beaten to Hokkaido by himself from a prince, and persisted for such a long time under extremely difficult conditions, the abnormal psychology of the Japanese people has become even more distorted. The same is true of those Japanese who insist with him, once they are given the opportunity to kill out, they will inevitably find ways to release all their pain and depression. If a pervert is more perverted,Nail machine supplier, he will be an unimaginable pervert. Ouyang Xiu told Chen yuan that when Zunren had just come out, some guys had cooperated with the military action of the Dongying people to celebrate the return of their former emperor. But when the Japanese army appeared around them, the first thing they did was to rob them of their food and take away their nv people. With little resistance, they cut off their heads with a knife. Zunren's soldiers think this should be, these nv people even if they don't want, also left to the song people, since they can serve the song people,wire nail making machine, why can't serve themselves? Such actions completely broke the hearts of ordinary people. They could accept the ravages of the Song people, because in their eyes, the Song army was the aggressor. But now, their emperor did the same thing, which not only ravaged their bodies, but also destroyed the faith they had always held in their hearts. So later, in order to keep themselves alive, they began to help the people of the Song Dynasty resist Emperor Nazunin, which only resulted in more brutal massacres. In the eyes of Zunren's soldiers, those who surrendered to the Song Dynasty and joined the so-called Tsushima Kingdom in recent years were shameful, and now they should be killed to help the Song Dynasty fight against them. Ouyang Xiu told Chen yuan that there were massacres every day, and the population of the whole of Japan was declining sharply. After the war, there were not one in ten residents in the area where the war was fought, Coil nail machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, which was much more miserable than when the Song Dynasty marched into Japan. Listening to Ouyang Xiu's description of the present situation in Japan, Chen yuan knew that what he wanted had almost been achieved. Only by letting the image of the emperor collapse in the minds of the people of Dongying, and only by turning their once sacred emperor into a devil, can Song Jun turn into an angel. Of course, the massacre is not without a bottom line, Chen yuan needs a lot of Japanese dead, but not dead. Kyushu Island is the bottom line of the Song army, on which there are numerous shops and workshops of the Song Dynasty, as well as two wharfs built with a lot of manpower and material resources. Japanese are absolutely not allowed to land here. Now that they have sent the battle to recover Kyoto, it is not far from  villagers to do c-o can already play that effect, if by their own formed musket team to do, I believe that at least much better than those villagers. The fighting capacity of the Japanese people and the Song army is poor, now the so-called Japanese troops,Nail Making Machine price, than before is unbearable, Chen yuan want to use them to temper the troops. Dongying people can only show superiority in front of the so-called Tsushima people, because the military strength of Tsushima is even worse than theirs. 3shardware.com

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