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The nation split, as e'er mounts and rivers remain.

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After a brief firepower contact with the enemy brigade, Fan Guowen, as a temporary platoon leader, followed the simple map and compass with his team to move quickly out of the Japanese attack range.    The skirmisher line was automatically laid out, and two light machine guns were responsible for the left and right wings, forming a small defensive counterattack formation. Toward the village. In the current situation of mass intelligence line hijacking,ceramic bobbin element, no one can guarantee that there is a trap waiting for them in front of them, and all kinds of extreme means in war are almost common. During the anti-mopping-up campaign last year, Li Wei suffered losses from the Bang Bang team. He was particularly vigilant. He silently improved his sensory perception and carefully distinguished any suspicious signs of trouble. It is undeniable that there are a few terrible opponents in the Japanese army and the puppet army, and Li Wei is not afraid to take it lightly. Sand! On the right front, the roadside made an almost subtle grinding sound of grass branches. Li Wei's ears immediately caught this strange, his face changed, his hand moved,steatite c221, and he made a defensive gesture. The action, which was almost defaulted to standard tactical sign language by the second battalion, was immediately responded to, and all the soldiers quickly and carefully approached, matched the terrain, formed a small defensive battle formation, and loaded their bullets together. Eyes see six roads, ears listen to all directions, a look as if facing a formidable enemy, scanning around any strange place. Li Wei silently stopped the two veterans from approaching him and walked alone to the place where the sound sounded. At the same time, he pulled out a fighting thorn in one hand and prepared. For him, the reaction efficiency of using a fighting thorn was faster than that of using a gun. The cold state of mind honed on the Shura battlefield, or a bit of a change to the unknown threat, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,Ceramic Band Heater, Li Weiping slowed down his breathing, approached the roadside, while concentrating on the movement around him. Pushing aside the dead grass branches and vines on the roadside, Li Wei felt that he was close to the target and seemed to be able to hear the slight breathing sound in the seemingly messy haystack in front of him.   After smelling the aroma of rice soup, the child opened his eyes,7g Ozone Generator, which had been unable to close, and eagerly swallowed the gruel fed by the Eighth Route Army soldiers. The three children seemed to be hungry for a long time, and Li Wei kept reminding them to drink slowly. global-ceramics.com

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