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The net king is matchless and lucky

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"Yes.." Did the Kirin fall to the ground? Kikumaru hesitated for a moment, remembering the upgraded version of his triple counterattack skill on the street tennis court, but. "Isn't Buerzi's counterattack skill to depress the line?" The ball just now is obviously unable to judge the landing spot! All of a sudden, they all stared at his eyes in a daze and stepped back gently: ".." There is not enough data to judge. "Yukimura, this move of Fuji." Liu paused, still unable to resist his curiosity, and asked. He glanced at Yukimura, and it was clear that he meant'No two things, you must know '. It's the landing of the Kirin. Yukimura read Liu's meaning, so sure that he was in a good mood unexpectedly, so he did not evade the question, but the meaning was not clear. "It's just that Zhou's tennis is no longer confined to the bottom line." Not just the bottom line? Not two weeks to help the genius of the defensive counterattack skills, if the promotion of attack skills, then. "The evolution of genius?" Liu's hand holding the pen: Is this the meaning of changing from a baseline defensive player to an all-round player? "You could say that." Yukimura nodded his head in recognition. He turned to the court again, his eyes fell on the running figure,car radiator cap, instantly softened his face: "After all, today's Zhou Zhu, the entire middle school tennis world, in addition to me, I am afraid that no one has the ability to fight with him." So you two are joining forces to turn the world upside down?! Liu glanced at the two men's nearly identical smiles on and off the court, and suddenly seemed to feel deep malice. Abandon the bottom line? Atobe looked at the shallow traces left after the ball landed in the front court and raised his eyebrows. "It's a little interesting." That guy,metal stamping parts, from the first moment they met, he didn't think he was a harmless person. It's expected to turn from defense to offense. No two serves. Once, I thought I could follow a person to the highest point. Fuji flicked the tennis ball on the ground and clenched it. "But I later found out that I was wrong." His eyes slowly swept over the crowd of onlookers outside the stadium, and his eyes easily fell on the young man wearing a coat with his eyes burning. His lips involuntarily rose: "Atobe, I have a reason not to lose this game." Bend your knees, jump, swing. Ignoring the team uniform chosen by Qingxue on the opposite side, Atobe seemed to have returned to the final of the national competition. He narrowed his eyes and, out of the corner of his eye, glanced at the increasingly soft smile on Yukimura's face as he fought back: "I don't know when the relationship between Qingxue and Lihai University became so good." "Well, it doesn't seem too late to know?" Buer slanted his head, socket screw plug ,deep draw stamping, and what did not match his innocent face was the increasingly rapid response of his men. "Pow!" “15-0” "Sniff." Atobe picked up the racket that had been knocked down from the ground and stood still again. "The strength has increased a lot." Perfect technique, excellent ball control. However That kind of body, even if the amount of training is enough, will limit something, right? "Qingxue and Lihai University.." Do you have a good relationship? Kikumaru listened to the almost incoherent dialogue on the court with some doubts. He doesn't know anyone from Lihai University at all. My brother, Yukimura-kun, seems to be a  cunning." "Yukimura, you've seen through it, haven't you?" Liu turned his head and couldn't help asking. Zhou Zhu has been hiding what he is best at from the beginning to the present. Yukimura did not explain, this time, his eyes only left the running figure on the field. -Pow. In the face of the fast and sweeping tennis ball,DIN screw plug, Atobe stepped forward with an arrow, and the racket in his hand was knocked down at the moment when he touched the ball shadow which was not very clear because of the high-speed rotation. Such speed and strength.. Violet pupil suddenly contracted: "This is impossible!"! "Game win by, 6-3!" "Qingxue is promoted!" autoparts-dx.com

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