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The sound of knives in wind chimes ...

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Looked at him, cold "hum", very casual way: "That is your wife's own uncle, with your father-in-law is a milk compatriot. After dropping the words, he stepped into the room. Lu Changdong stood where he was, eager to find a crack in the ground. Is that girl a peasant girl? How could.. You're so accurate! …… Inside the house, Liang Guifang nestled in Liang An's arms and kept crying. Feng stood aside to wipe tears, although Liang Guilan did not cry, but the fear in the eyes, let people look at very pity. Qi Miao walked up to her, patted her on the shoulder, then came to Liang An, looked at the man in his arms, and said: Sister, what do you think? And divorce? Boom After saying this, not only Liang Guifang, but all the people in the room, plus Lu Changdong, who had just come in, were all confused. No one thought that the word "He Li" would come out of Qi Miao's mouth. Of course, no one ever wanted to divorce. In this Dynasty, once a man and a woman got married, it was a lifetime thing, and no one could leave anyone. Divorcing one's wife is a rare thing. Not to mention divorce. Liang Guifang knew very well in her heart that it was impossng heard this, he did not speak. But apparently, she didn't believe the man in front of her. Qi Miao looks, cold "hum" one, disdainful way: "The dog cannot change to eat excrement. I'm afraid you've said that many times. "I.." Lu Changdong was suddenly very afraid of this sister-in-law,tin beneficiation plant, especially afraid. Liang An ignored his nephew and son-in-law. He held his niece up and sat up straight. He sighed heavily and said, "Fang, why did he beat you? Tell the third uncle." "He.." "Fanothers. The more he said, the more angry he became. Hit me! Purr Whoo, whoo.. Lu Changdong, like dead ash, knelt on the ground with a "splash", drooping his head and no longer squeaking. Liang An and Qi Miao looked at each other, although the dirty thoughts of Lu Changdong are very isolated, chrome washing machine ,portable gold wash plant, but the heart is clear that this matter is not easy to handle. If you really take Liang Guifang back, not to mention others, it is estimated that Liang Liang will have to fall out with them. Then lpain in her body, rushed to Lu Changdong and knelt beside him, crying: "Brother Dong, Brother Dong, whoo." What are you doing. I don't want to leave you, I really don't want to leave you, whoo. Whoo,Carbon in Pulp, whoo.. Lu Changdong held the woman in his arms, and the kitchen knife was not far from him. Qi Miao looked at all this and immediately felt particularly worried. If it wasn't Liang An just now, I'm afraid it would be this scholar. ore-magnetic-mining.comdless of the 

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