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The spring breeze is intoxicated

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Ma Xiao pretended to look at the newspaper, but did not miss her smile. He wanted her to smile from the bottom of her heart for a long time. He tried to please her by washing dishes and buying vegetables, but he was always not as good as she wanted. Either the tofu is too tender or the beef is too old for her. He worked hard every night in bed, but all he got was her coldness. She didn't even want his hug, let alone dance with his rhythm. His frustration grew day after day, his resentment grew little by little, and he hated her for being elusive, but on a rainy afternoon he saw her beauty. Then the accumulated resentments were like cumulus clouds and rain before the storm, which dispersed with the wind and disappeared with the rainstorm. He only wanted her beautiful smile, which was in full bloom because of his love. Even if he showed a little bit of love, just to a few weak flowers and plants. Nian Qi's mind was as thin as hair, and she never felt whether his face was cloudy or sunny. Although she did not ask, although she asked, he would not say. He was now beginning to find out how unhappy she was with the house. She hung a bamboo curtain on the balcony, moved the side of the sofa to the morning glory shelf, put a small bamboo tea bed on the side, and put her beloved celadon tea cup on the tea mat. On one side was a short and wide round rattan seat. In her spare time, she would sit in this small corner, reading, drinking tea, enjoying flowers and blowing the wind. This corner was too small to accommodate her alone. He wanted to squeeze in,Granite Slab Supplier, but he couldn't find a way. Obviously the living room is so big, the leather sofa is so wide, she does not sit, he also does not want to sit. What does it mean to be husband and wife? He kind of understands. Not just in bed with each other's bodies, but in a crowded corner, but two people can stay comfortably. He stared blankly at the TV and didn't see it at all. He didn't know who scored the goal. He turned down the volume, took a look at Nian Qi who was folding clothes, and asked her,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, "What is the honeysuckle room?" Nian Qi raised his head and winked at him. "What honeysuckle room?" He asked. "I seem to remember you once talking about this honeysuckle room, and suddenly I remembered, so I asked." It was a long time before he said, "That's just my silly idea. It doesn't mean anything." Ma Xiao sees she does not want to say, say intentionally: "Did you plant morning glory on the balcony, feel insufficient, still want to plant honeysuckle in the room?" Nian Qi smiled and said, "Yes." Ma Xiao is turning the idea of parting, he said: "If there is no one at home, how to water these flowers?" Nian Qi said: "There is an automatic sprinkler device, connected to the water pipe, electrified, with a small hole in the pipe connected to the flowerpot, when the time comes, it will spray water, White Marble Mosaic ,Silver Travertine Slabs, no one at home can water the flowers.". Why do you ask that? Ma Xiao said, "It's not the thinking triggered by your morning glory." In fact, he still has a lot to think about, but he doesn't want to say. He was about to go on a business trip, and he felt uncomfortable at the thought of not seeing her for more than a week. He wanted to take her with him, but he was afraid that she would refuse, saying that no one would take care o Milky Way is Zhinu's shuttle. The night sky is so clear tonight that you can see the constellation Aquila moving across the Milky Way, bridging them. According to folklore,Agate Slabs For Sale, if you hide under the grape trellis at this time, you can overhear the whispers of two people. Ma Xiao said, "It's a pity that there is only a morning glory trellis and no grape trellis. Let's plant a grape next year." forustone.com

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