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The strongest hacker

2022-10-25 21:17   Services   San Fernando   197 views

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Because there are many associations in S University, in addition to some schools and student unions, there are many other illegal associations in a mess. If Zhang Yang remembers correctly, there are DOTA associations, CS associations and so on. Anyway, the school doesn't care, as long as someone is willing to join, you can do whatever you want. Why, how do you know what our club's orders are? Fang Shaoyun asked strangely. Zhang Yang packed up his things directly. He got up and turned to the opposite side of the table and sat next to Li Keqing. He said quickly, "Keqing, we don't know him. Look at what he reported."? It's too obscene. Li Keqing did not say anything, but covered her mouth and giggled. ***, what do you mean? Look down on our club, right? I tell you, don't ask me for help in the future. Fang Shaoyun is a little depressed. Zhang Yang is completely speechless, asking for your help? Whoever looks for you is unlucky. That bubble MM club is quite famous in S University. Because the name is obscene enough, many freshmen are fooled into adding it every year. But after adding it, you will find that you are completely tragic. If you think about it, the purpose of this club is to specialize in the campus beauty of S University. There are only ten campus beauties in S University every year, and they will not change without special reasons. There are about five or six hundred members in this MM club. It's impossible for everyone to find the campus beauty, right? But when you chase other MM, that MM listens, you are this club,interactive digital whiteboard, in order to chase the school beauty for the purpose, you will have a ghost, you are not going to chase the school beauty? Then you go after it. Are you going after me? Although dare not say that most of the MM is this idea, but at least 80% of the MM is this idea, so this club is simply a tragedy, a club of five or six hundred people, single accounted for more than 80% of the proportion, in the end how tragic,86 smart board, you can imagine. Newcomer, newcomer, can't stand being fooled. Zhang Yang shook his head quickly and said, "I have deep doubts about your level. You are still the school beauty. I ask you, if Li Yuxuan is sitting over there now, how can you chat up?" As he ate, Zhang Yang pointed to the empty seat next to him. Shit. Fang Shaoyun called out, pondered for a while and then said tentatively, "I went over and said, beauty, where are you eating?" "Cough.." Cough.. Zhang Yang picked up the mineral water bottle that Li Keqing had just bought for him and took a quick sip. Then he said, "Are you still chatting up?"? I tell you, talk to the girl to pay attention to the way, a sentence is clearly the same meaning, you say wrong, it is simply different. "Like what?" Fang Shaoyun asked excitedly, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,interactive whiteboard for schools, and even Li Keqing looked at Zhang Yang curiously to see what he could say. For example? For instance you say with a MM, I want to sleep together with you, that MM affirmation gives you a slap in the face, scold you rascal. But in another way, it's different. "How can I change this?" Fang Shaoyun was a little dumbfounded, while Li Keqing next to him blushed slightly and quickly bowed her head and began to drink the porridge in her bowl. Hey hey, the same meaning, you have to say to this beauty, I want to wake upZhang Yang is also a hacker. He is not completely unfamiliar with hardware, not to mention the software part, which is Zhang Yang's strong point. However, here is more biased towards data transmission and artificial intelligence. These questions are too simple for Zhang Yang. Data transmission is the foundation. In terms of artificial intelligence,classroom interactive whiteboard, if you want to make a sophisticated virus, this is a required course, so Zhang Yang is easy to solve these problems. hsdsmartboard.com

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