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The tuba is called the people

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"One day when I was seven, my father said to me," Jiu Yazi, your future life is to eat in a restaurant and rest in a temple. I was confused at that time, and now I think it's true. A few years ago, Brother Jiu said this when he came back to chat with me. At that time, Brother Jiu counted what he had done in the past twenty years. Do decoration, sell computers, run furniture factories, burn ceramics, this is still in Changsha; then do real estate in Hainan, run mail order companies in Shanghai, open chain rice noodle shops in Beijing, and do foreign trade in Shenzhen. I have made a lot of money and lost a lot of money. According to my experience, if he comes back and says he wants to invite a large group of friends to dinner, play cards and sing karaoke, that is a profit; if he only calls me and says he wants to have tea and chat, that is a loss. To be honest, I was afraid to get a call from him saying, "Come out, let's find a quiet place to have tea.". Unexpectedly, this time he called like this again. Very old house, dark and cramped. People keep coming in and out. For a while, the portrait was framed,euro plastic pallet, the firecrackers were brought, and the black armbands were bought. Inside the room, nine elder brother's wife sobbed and called here and there. Only inform his classmates of Lang's family. Get in touch with the funeral home. Relatives in the countryside only inform people not to come to the memorial service. Nine elder brothers command the survivors who have no square inches. Only seventy years old. I wanted to live in the country. Hepatic ascites. I think it's mainly organ failure. He is at the age of the Lang family, alas. Brother Jiu told me and patted the white paper ash on his sleeve. The air in the room became more and more choking, so we went outside. I asked him what he was going to do in Beijing. He said he was going to get an approval. In Shenzhen, I'm going to do a project with some friends. The procedure is too complicated. He said, but his voice was flat. He mentioned that I also know a person who used to be a famous developer in Hainan. In 1993, Hainan's real estate bubble burst and the man went to the United States. He's back now, in Shanghai,plastic pallet bin, and he's working as a product agent with me. I've been doing it for half a year. Damn it, I've been playing with all my money. I said he was such a big boss, how could he do such a useless thing? "He's almost lost.". He has no starting point now. And I don't think he feels as much about doing business as he used to. I did it with him because I trusted him, but I didn't expect to fail again this time. I wanted to persuade him to come back and do something in Changsha instead of wandering outside. But I didn't say it. I think he'll think what I said is funny. He chose his own life and never regretted it. Whether it's a profit or a loss. It's like he's been gambling his whole life. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of experience in winning and losing. What you want is the process of gambling. The excitement and fun in this process must not be something that a layman like me can understand. I will come back to rest for a few days to see my wife and baby. The baby is not bad. He knows how to study hard. I don't need to worry about it. It's a pity that my father-in-law is such a good man. Just now, while burning money and paper, I recalled his life, which was flat and light, with a big smile on his face, as if he had a special taste of life. He was silent as if touched by something. I asked him if he would go to Beijing, and he said he would go after the funeral the day after tomorrow. Business, can't be delayed. I wanted to talk to you alone for a while. I'm a little bored these days, so I'll have to wait until I come back. Brother Jiu said. Next time I come back, I just want him not to chat with me alone, but to find a large group of friends to eat, drink and sing karaoke. I'd be happy that way. We will all be very happy, including brother Jiu himself. Qu Mengzi He drank until two o'clock in the night, collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet box, and all the people talked, and all of them became big tongues. Men, women, the world, Bush, Chen Shui-bian, the rising price of gasoline, and road bandits, all have become a confused sound, either clear or muddy, which must be carefully identified. Speaking of road bandits, old Lu, a friend from Sichuan, said, "Then you can't go today. Take a break.". It's a small hotel on the outskirts of the city, where you can eat and live. Outside the window, it was as dark as cough syrup, and when I looked up, the lights and stars were invisible, and I was afraid of people. Yes, walking or not walking is a problem. Before the trip, a friend of mine told me that when I went to Sichuan, I would go to find Lao Lu,  accidents on this section of the road, I'll tell you." Lao Lu drank the last mouthful of wine. The face is purple. Brother Lu, don't persuade me. I have such a temper. The more you persuade me,mobile garbage bin, the more I want to leave. Afraid of a ghost! Qu Mengzi's voice was even higher. If you don't listen to the old man, you will suffer losses in front of you. Old Lu shook his purple face. Checkout! Landlady, pay the bill! Qu Mengzi snapped. cnplasticpallet.com

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