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There is a light in the long night.

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Ye Chao went home and did not go back to the bedroom after taking a bath. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her long wet black hair was scattered on her white and tender shoulders. Her limbs were slender and slender. Her face was not as delicate as when she was a young girl, but it could also be called here would be a trial tomorrow. —— Two months passed that night, during which Ye Chao was very devoted to his work. This day, the boss said to relax everyone. Hearing the address, Ye Chao said in his heart, "I wipe.". 18club Isn't there a second bar in Yongxing City? —— Ye Chao lacked interest, and the female colleagues of the same trade changed their clothes one after another. They wore bright clothes and colorful skirts, and even changed their makeup. Ye Chao was the only one who was still dressed in the same way. He wore a suit and black trousers with an updo. In the middle of a group of young women, he was like a rigorous and rigid director of the teaching office in the school. Inside the bar, the lights were shining in all directions, the figures were charming, and the music shook her heart wildly. Before long,oil dropper bottle, someone came to raise a glass with her, asking around or comforting her bluntly. Even the director came to pat her on the shoulder to make her strong. It turned out that the protagonist of tonight's party was her. Somehow, withie altar, desperate for love. *** you. Out of the bar, the deafening music suddenly disappeared,glass cream jars, and when the hot wind blew, Ye Chao became uncomfortable and wanted to vomit in a daze, knowing that he could not fall down and that he had to go home again. She stood on the side of the road to stop the car, half a day no one stopped, she was anxious to walk two steps and almost fell down when she was suddenly grabbed by the arm. Who? I do not know. Finally, I remember that someone asked her where she lived, as if she was still being carried on her back, a pair of big hands on her legs, she lay on the back of that person, smelled a faint smell of orange water, sweet fragrance, she leaned over and sniffed. The man said, "Itch." Only one word, the voice is clear, pleasant to listen to tight, Ye Chao has never heard such a pleasant voice, or a young male voice. Young. She thinks she's forgotten what it's like to be young. She reached out and touched his chest. The man was shocked by her sudden movement. Finally, before she fell asleep completely, she thought, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, "Well, I have chest muscles and feel good.". —— 18 club bar, back door. There were two figures, a bald man was carrying wine dide down and made a heroic appearance on the noodles. He pulled Qi Chen into a roadside beef noodle shop and asked for two bowls of noodles,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, a dish of side dishes and two bottles of beer. After three rounds of nonsense, Damao said in an obscure way: "Xiao Qi, don't talk about what happened just now. I will protect you in the shop in the future."  penghuangbottle.comstatur

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