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They said the young martial uncle was possessed by the devil.

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That day in the city of Xiling, which was littered with corpses, when she came to her senses, two figures fell from the sky and landed beside them, bringing her and the young man who was about to fall into a coma back. Who are you? After being convinced that Shang Yan's condition had stabilized, Qinghe real people from Xuanshan Headmaster and the first Qingliu real people from Tianzhufeng finally had time to dealke me back, I will do my best to repay your kindness. Qinghe and Qingliu listened and looked at each other for a while before they came to their senses. The Qinghe raised his hand to help her up. He raised his hand to twist a clean formula and asked as kindly as he could, "Don't worry. Since you are the one saved by Younger Martial Brother, we certainly won't leave you.". I just don't know which Yi family you are talking about? Do you remember the names of your parents or other relatives? "It's the Yi family in the capital of Xiling. Yi Renxiu is my father, Cui Yunnian is my mother, and I have a twin brother." Her face,Blue Bottle Serum, which had been washed clean of blood, did look familiar, and she spoke clearly, as if she had been born of a good family. The Qinghe looked back at Qingliu again. This time it was Qingliu who bent down: "I know Yi Renxiu, the head of the Yi family in Xiling. I went to their house to celebrate Yi's five hundred birthday years ago, but I didn't hear that the Yi family was looking for someone.." "Impossible." Yin Zi denied without hesitation, then thought about it and slowed down his tone,Glass Cream Jars, "Maybe the Yi family didn't want to reveal the news of my loss, but my father and mother must be looking for me, they must be looking for me in private.." The Qinghe looked carefully at the girl's facber your brother's name?" "Matchless, his name is Yi matchless." Yin Zi blurted out, and then he was stunned, as if he had thought of something, and he repeated it again. Peerless, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Amber Dropper Bottles, yes, he.. It's called matchless. Qinghe, seeing that she had figured out the joints, she sighed slowly and reached out to touch her head. "Do you remember what your original name was?" I.. My name is Yi Yingzi. She stared at the Qinghe, as if trying to maintain the present expression, but tears rolled straight out of her eyes, "yes, Adi is called matchless." My name is Shadow.. Qinghe sighed again, thishappiest memory appears in front of her eyes. She would have died if the hired killer hadn't seen her face for a good price and a moment of greed, and even though those days were a joke,cosmetic packaging wholesale, she still remembered her mother's appearance in her heart. Yin Zi lowered his eyes and almost laughed out loud for some reason. "I was born two hours earlier. I'm a little older. I should always give in to my brother." The author has something to say: Tang Qingzhou to Ling Shao: Although your EQ is lower than mine, I step on the thunder more accurately than you (X) Touching the fish will be normal tomorrow (I can finally touch it for one day, happy) Chapter 38. penghuangbottle.com

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