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Tiger Wife Rabbit Xianggong by Zhuxi

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Although today's Jiang Weiqing is taller than in his previous life, his small appearance with red lips and white teeth has not changed much since childhood, and he looks like a weak man.  What's more, in his impression, Jiang Weiqing, a distant cousin, had always been famous for his talent and learning,stainless steel tile edging, but he had never heard that he knew martial arts. In addition, when he was young, he left a deep impression of the weak chicken, that is, now he looks like a healthy young man, Zheng Lin does not think he can compare with himself. He even made a bet with Jiang Weiqing that Jiang Weiqing would never be able to go through three rounds under him. His self-confidence, did not stimulate Jiang Weiqing, but first stimulated Lei Yinshuang. Lei Yinshuang clamored that Jiang Weiqing was sure to defeat Zheng Lin within ten strokes. She is a quick mouth,aluminium tile trim profiles, regardless of the reality so casually brag, Jiang Weiqing and how can not know their own strength, he knows Zheng Lin's strength. Perhaps Lei Yinshuang and Zheng Lin on, two people can be equally matched, he on Zheng Lin, a hundred to recruit should be no problem, a long time, he is sure to leak stuffing. So he took Lei Yinshuang's words to steal the beam and change the pillar, but in a few words, he changed the content of her clamor to Zheng Lin's "if he can't win in ten strokes, he will automatically admit defeat". Jiang Weiqing began to practice martial arts when he was ten years old, and he had been weak and sick before, and he was not as good as Lei Yinshuang and Zheng Lin. Fortunately, what he learned from Ray's father was the light kungfu of wandering and avoiding. If with Zheng Lin hard, he certainly can not, to avoid Zheng Lin ten strokes, tile profile factory ,tile trim manufacturers, even if a hundred strokes, he is very sure. So after ten strokes, Zheng Lin really failed to win him. In the face of such an outcome, Zheng Lin was definitely not convinced. He stamped his feet bitterly and turned to Lei Yinshuang, who was watching the battle, and said, "Obviously, I am more suitable for you than he is!" Lei Yinshuang immediately rolled his eyes rudely at him and said, "It's up to you whether the shoes are suitable for your feet or not. It doesn't matter what others say." With that, he jumped to Jiang Weiqing's side with a happy face and made Zheng Lin jealous. I'm sure I like you more than he does!   Chapter 129. Expedition. It is said that the nephew is like an uncle,tile trim factory, but in fact, Jiang Weiqing in his bones is very similar to Emperor Tianqi. He is the kind of person who plans everything and then moves. Jiang Weiqing had a plan for how to win the support of Emperor Tianqi, but now the time has not come. jecatrims.com

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