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Turn into a daughter

2022-10-27 00:53   For Sale   Budta   223 views

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Shen Cuo opened the door of the passenger seat, and the woman sat up awkwardly, slightly adjusting her expression to make herself look more natural, and then the woman silently took out a piece of information from a flower cloth bag with her. This is a document in a yellow file bag, sealed in wax. Shen Cuo skillfully o to look at the speed is very slow, and to the third page, he is almost ten lines at a glance, three or two times to sweep the rest of the information. With a deep sigh,Steel racking system, Shen Cuo closed his eyes, as if he were digesting what he had just seen. He was hiding the emotion in his eyes. But the face that had not been able to practice completely stiffened betrayed him. A minute later, his female subordinate finally appreciated the face-changing skill of the boss who usually had the face of Mount Tai before he collapsed. Shen Cuo's lips first pursed into a straight line, then his facial muscles twitched slightly, as if he were enduring some pain. The handsome and steady image was destroyed in an instant. And a few seconds later. His expression of pain stopped and he came up. But it was a vast expanse of pallor. The heart of the woman on the deputy seat is a sink, although can enjoy the boss's unprecedented face-changing performance is very proud of her, but Shen Cuo at the moment hit the appearance of more flustered her. Boss She called out softly,warehouse rack manufacturer, and in her heart she could not help complaining and hating the people in the information again. I'm fine. Shen Cuo opened his eyes, his expression caime when he is extremely vulnerable, and for this person, she really has no other ideas than subordinates? Or "Go down!" Shen Cuo's eyes froze, but when he was suspected of being delirious by his subordinates, he suddenly became cold and fierce, "Continue your work, the same words, pipe cantilever rack ,Pallet rack supplier, I don't want to say it again!" The woman's petite body trembled slightly, she pouted with grievance, lowered her head, and finally answered "yes" gently, opened the door of C8 andom. Think carefully. Would it be too much to climb out of the window? Tang Xian has no excessive behavior at present,Warehouse storage racks, is it necessary for her to escape secretly? Bai Xiao is calculating how she will explain today's behavior to Tang Xian in the future if she really escapes in the dark. She is not a girl of sixteen or seventeen. Tang Xian is not a strange uncle who wants to eat people, although his behavior similar to house arrest is unsatisfactory, but these do not constitute the need to fall out. omracking.com

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