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Tyrant, I'm from MI9.

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Qi An, riding on his horse, shook his head slowly and said, "Don't be in a hurry. We'll go up when Xichuan retreats." With that, the prince of the Eastern Qi Dynasty smiled ruthlessly and rubbed the telescope beside him. He sighed in a low voice, "I didn't think it was really you. You are really dead set on him. I just don't know how long you can hold out if we go on fighting round after round." For three days, the summer did not close their eyes, ChuJun casualties are not big, in fact, the other side's attack is not fierce, but there has never been the slightest stop, they seem to be the same as discussed, round after round of wheel war in turn, do not give ChuJun any time to rest, not even have time to eat, just endless struggle, seems to be waiting for what. Qingxia, of course, knew what they were waiting for, and if it weren't for Liang Childe who didn't know how to leave the camp quietly, she might have left the city to fight to the death with the other side. They are waiting, waiting for Chu Li to come in and save themselves, and they are also waiting, waiting for Chu Li to stay away from the desert, to win time for him to leave. The sky was getting gray, and the soldiers of Tanda gradually retreated, and the momentum was getting smaller and smaller. Qingxia's silver-white armor had become covered with blood. For three days, no water had entered, which seriously consumed her physical strength. She divided the team into three teams and took turns to fight. Each team had only three thousand people. It was very difficult to guard against them, but it was better than the endless confrontation with the enemy. Fire head army carried a few big pot,electronic board for classroom, fortunately Loulan rich, although people are dead, things are still there, they are not out of food. The steaming white rice was served on the tower, the soldiers in the front row were still fighting, but the soldiers in the back row began to eat with their rice bowls. After eating a few mouthfuls of rice, they immediately stood up and took over from the soldiers in front of them to continue guarding the city. In the afternoon of the day before yesterday, when Qingxia was having dinner with a group of soldiers, a stray arrow shot through the head of a black guard. That is unique to the Huns shooting eagle arrow, momentum is very big, with barbs above,smartboards for business, poof shot off half of the head of the black guard, white brains scattered a bowl of summer, with snow-white white rice mixed together, unexpectedly so harmonious. The soldiers quickly dragged the body of the dead to one side, and then the eaters continued to eat, the fighters continued to fight, and Qingxia bit her lips tightly, forcibly suppressing the impulse to vomit. She knew that she was the commander in chief, and if even she could not hold on, then the elite of Nanchu, who went deep alone, would die without any value. So she picked up her rice bowl and ate a few mouthfuls of the fishy hot rice, together with the churning stomach acid and the surging acid water, and swallowed it fiercely. That night, where no one could see her, she vomited so madly that she almost threw up a stomach. War is cruel, but she has her own hopes and beliefs. Chu Li, in any case, please be safe. ———————————— Three days, five days, seven days, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,65 inch touch screen, ten days. Twenty days, exactly twenty days! The battle of Loulan has become white-hot, and the physical strength of the Chu army has been exhausted to the extreme. But to the parties below the coalition puzzled, no matter how the Loulan city has come to a point of a thousand holes, no matter how shaky, but the blaceployed to withdraw troops, but at this time,smartboards in classrooms, the coalition offensive weaker west gate, but automatically opened. Everyone seemed to be unable to believe their eyes-they could not imagine what it meant to open the gates of Loulan City at this time, and how could the Southern Chu people who hid in the city and shot arrows all day long be the opponents of three hundred thousand allied forces once they ran to the flat ground. hsdsmartboard.com

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