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Ultimate Lanying "Tanbi Science Fiction"

2022-10-20 22:28   For Sale   San Fernando   116 views

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Zhong Shiliang followed in silence, looking at the map in front of Chang Dou. A guard ran in and whispered something in his ear, and Zhong Shiliang nodded. Now he will not accept military orders outside, no matter who called to inquire, all ignored, and even sent two people to come over, but he did not say a word, not even show his face directly under the force. When the guards left, Kou Tong came over and looked at his face and asked, "What's the matter?" "It seems you did the right thing this time." Zhong Shiliang thought for a long time before commenting on this sentence, "but." How to solve the problem after that? "After?" "A hundred-footed worm is dead but not stiff." Kill this base, or kill Zheng Qinghua, can you solve the problem of Utopia? "This." Kou Tong thought about it and suddenly laughed: "The revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still need to work hard.". It will be a year's time to be displaced outside, like playing with one's life, in order to get the'legal right of resistance 'to return to the zero team. The author has something to say: This chapter.. It really means a lot to me. I haven't written a hundred chapters in my life. Thank you for forgiving me for this smelly and long story. 101. Chapter 101 "Su Qing, Su Qing,non standard fasteners, stop and don't go any further!" This is a narrow road in the suburbs, a little wider than a one-way road, with sparse trees, farmland and fields on both sides. Su Qing naturally let the car slip out more than ten meters and stopped. Then he jumped out of the car, his sleeves rolled up high, revealing a well-muscled forearm,Investment casting parts, a washed white hat on his head, two buttons open on his dark blue shirt. I don't know how he did it. His skin was very dark and very natural. He really looked like a man who had been running on the road all the year round. Why is this broken? As he spoke, he pretended to be a wind demon and got under the car and made a lot of trouble. At this time, Chang Dou said in his ear through the communicator: "It is detected that there is a huge space field. You have come to the edge of the space field. This space field is very strange. Generally speaking, the space length caused by coercion is unstable. For example, we debugged it from Zheng Wan that day, but it is actually a stable field. The two spaces are merged together." I can't tell right now what's going to happen when you walk in. With a light hand, Su emerged from under the car and shouted at Ji Pengcheng in the car, "Hey, old man, how far is it?" "He was asking them how far they were from our target area," Hu Bugui explained in a low voice. "Oh.." Oh Often tease the reaction to come over, titanium machining parts ,Steel investment casting, thinking that the field is too exciting, the brain has to react to it, "roughly calculated, there are about 20 kilometers away from our target area." Ji Pengcheng stretched out his head, holding a cigarette in his mouth, and said slowly, "Ah?"? It's early. What's the hurry? I said, boy, can you do it? Su lightly cursed, got up from the ground, lifted the trunk, and said to himself, "Let me see if the toolbox is there." Chang Dou couldn't figure out who Su Qing was talking to. He was silly again. Hu Bugui had to stand aside and translate for him: "He asked if you had any  was wearing was very similar to several people in the Dong family. Don't touch it first." The old farmer put down his farm tools and pretended to look at them, but he didn't understand them,die cast light housing, so he commented: "This car.." It's a little broken. Su Qing: "Hey." "Oh, that's troublesome." The old farmer said, "What do you have." On the phone? My son said that he could call someone to help you tow the car. autoparts-dx.com

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