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Vast Jianghu-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

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Zhao Yufei resolutely said: "I found out that their purpose was on me from Towson's intention of poisoning, so I took the initiative to be willing to be threatened, and they would rest assured to use me. In this way, I would have the opportunity to encounter the core of the problem, and the way to deal with it would be flexible." Tan Shanjian said, "It seems a bit risky for Master Zhao to do this, but it's the only way." "Yes," said Zhao Yufei, "if they want me to cooperate, they have to believe me. And if they want to use me, they have to reveal what they are doing. In this way, it will not be difficult for me to find out the origin and development of these people and their intentions." "Now that Master Zhao has analyzed the situation," said Li Zhen, "I don't know what to do." Zhao Yufei said, "The Sanjiang Escort Agency is famous all over the country, especially the Jianghu people in Zhenjiang, who are more or less related to the Escort Agency.." Li Zhen and others did not know the meaning of Zhao Yufei's words, so they leaned over and listened quietly. Zhao Yufei went on to say, "In these five days, Tao Sen and his gang may take advantage of my lack of time to commit crimes in Zhenjiang. Their targets must be Wulin colleagues. So I would like to ask you for a favor." "Just follow your orders," said Li Zhen. Zhao Yufei took one look at the crowd and said, "First, I want the Sanjiang Escort Agency to be closed for five days.". Second, transfer the staff of the Escort Agency to the Yangjia Gang in Taihu Lake, and send out a hero post, asking the colleagues nearby to go to the Yangjia Gang together, in order to prevent the provocation of Towson and others. "Does Master Zhao have something important to do?" Asked Tan Shanjian. Zhao Yufei nodded and said, Not bad! I want to use these five days to solve the mystery of what happened in Lei Fu, and within five days, I must find out why Li Ying and others are interested in Huangye Temple. He paused for a moment and said, "Wen Gongbai and others will certainly do the same, so they want to use Towson's attack on the Yang Family Gang to make me run around, unable to take care of the affairs of Lei Fu." Li Zhen said, "But if we allocate all our manpower to the Yang Family Gang, while Tao Sen shifts his target and doesn't attack the Yang Family Gang,uns s31803 sheet, won't it be in vain?" Zhao Yufei said resolutely, "No, for one thing, Towson is arrogant and arrogant. He won't put you in his eyes, so he won't shrink back.". Second, Tao Sen has the intention of killing Yang Rong, the leader of the Yang Family Gang, so the Yang Family Gang is bound to bear the brunt! He took a sip of the wine he had just brought and waited for the shopkeeper to go away. Then he said, "Third, Towson's attack on the Yang Family Gang is just the beginning. If all the Jianghu people in this area gather in Taihu Lake, in Towson's opinion, it will save him time to challenge one place after another. How could he not go?" Just as Tan Shanjian was about to say something, Zhao Yufei added, "Besides, since Jiang and Xiang are all concentrated in the Yang Family Gang in Taihu Lake, Tao Sen has no other target to provoke, and he has to go!" Li Zhen and others felt that Zhao Yufei spoke clearly and logically, 316ti stainless steel ,x60 line pipe, so they did not raise any questions. Therefore, Zhao Yufei added, "There is one more thing to pay attention to. If Towson really challenges the Yang Family Gang, the best way is to persuade everu Sanjiang Escort Agency, Li Zhen offered to send someone to support Zhao Yufei, but Zhao Yufei did ufei, in his spare time, called for wine and food, and simply drank with the stone in the room. When the rain was a little lighter, the sky was already slightly dark. Zhao Yufei suddenly ordered the stone: "Stone!"! Do you remember the direction to Lei Fu? "I remember,347 stainless steel," said the Stone. "Well," said Zhao Yufei, "take my two pills and send them to Lei Fu." lksteelpipe.com

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