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Wind among the reeds

2022-10-24 03:31   Vacation Rentals   Bacoor   201 views

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Location: Bacoor
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Ming Yi put his hands in his trousers pockets and took his eyes back from the quiet face of the girl beside him. He opened his mouth carelessly: "No, I'll teach you." Qiao Xi shook his head silently. But before she could say "I don't want to learn",  Are you the same? "Me?" Perhaps this question is so ridiculous that there is a smile in Mingyi's voice, "After eighteen years old, I don't have time to fall in love." Qiao Xi: "… …" Ming Yi raised his hand and stopped a taxi on the side of the road. He stuffed Josie into the taxi. "I'm not going home for lunch." Qiao Xi's finger was on the window glass, staring at him longingly, "that." Where are you going? Looking at the crying bag like an abandoned animal, Mingyi found himself in the explanation that he was not good at: "Jiang-" After a few seconds, Mingyi found that he could not accurately remember the name of Professor Jiang's daughter. So he just gave up and said, "The girl you were with last time, Vanessa, she had something to do with me at noon." In the afternoon, Qiao Xi met Han Shuyan again in French class. Han Shuyan changed seats with the girl sitting next to her. As soon as she sat down, she whispered, "Qiao Xi,drive in racking system, I'm sorry about what happened at noon.". I didn't know Elder Martial Brother Ming was your cousin. I thought he.. Speaking of this, Han Shuyan seemed somewhat embarrassed: "I thought he wanted to chase you, so his attitude was not very friendly." Qiao Xi: "… …" Did you have lunch with your family? Jiang Ruotong nodded, "and a distant aunt, in fact, I have not seen her." Said, she looked at Qiao Xi again, "yes!"! Did you borrow the two books I said? I checked on the Internet, these two books are not available in the city library,heavy duty metal racks, and there is only one in our school library. Qiao Xi subconsciously pinched the strap of her schoolbag, and the two books she had just borrowed from the library at noon were lying quietly in her schoolbag. Both books are brand new, probably because few people are interested in them. These two books should be important to Jiang Ruotong. jracking.com

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