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Wolongsheng Golden Pen Dianlong Ji

2022-10-27 01:56   For Sale   Bacoor   252 views

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Location: Bacoor
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It's a very strange house, practically speaking, it's only a corridor. Sixty-six feet wide, more than twenty feet long, with nothing in the middle. Guo Huatang looked at the Peach Blossom Boy with a slight smile and stepped forward.   The Peach Blossom Boy smiled and did not answer again. Guo Huatang gave a sneer and said, "My friend, it seems that you don't believe me. I hope you can try." With a slight pause in his voice,Horse weight lbs, he said, "What kind of effect can it have in the Xuanji Palace? The Xuanji Palace is not as quiet as it is today. Many people in Jianghu have excellent flying skills, but they can't act in the Xuanji palace." The Peach Blossom Boy nodded slightly and said, "Thank you for your advice, Brother Guo." "Actually," said Kuo Hua-tang, "it's not a secret. If one thinks about it a little, it's not hard to understand." The Peach Blossom Boy did not answer again,fish measuring tape, and a group of people passed through the magnet corridor. Yu Xiufan looked down and saw that Guo Huatang had changed to a path on the far left. With a sigh, he thought, "We haven't seen how to exchange these six paths on our way. When we come out, they have to send someone to see us off.". Guo Huatang did not talk to the four people again and quickened his pace. It was not a very short journey, and I had a secret calculation in my heart. From the moment I entered the palace gate, I had walked six or seven miles. The Peach Blossom Boy coughed lightly and said, "Brother Guo, how many more miles do we have to walk to get to your palace?" Guo Huatang said, "The length of the Xuanji Palace is the length of this valley, no less than thirty Li." "We won't have to finish the thirty miles," said the Peach Blossom Boy. Guo Huatang gave a sneer and said, "Here we are." Suddenly I saw a dense flower tree blocking the way, and the six paths stopped in front of the flower forest. After stopping, Guo Huatang turned around and said, "I can tell you four that this flower forest is formed according to the five elements, but there are more organs in the middle. The hotel that receives you is in this flower forest." Later, Diameter tape measure ,Pi tape measure, it was obvious that he was going to trap four people in the hotel in the flower forest. Yu Xiufan smiled and said, "Brother Guo, now that we're here, we're going through a lot. Brother Guo, please lead the way into the forest." Guo Huatang nodded and said, "The loveliness of young people is that they are more heroic." Yu Xiufan smiled and said, "Brother Guo has praised me." Guo Huatang stared at Yu Xiufan's face for a moment and said, "Would you like to see me?" Yu Xiufan said, "If I say I don't have a teacher, I'm afraid Brother Guo won't believe it. My teacher is very complicated, and it's hard to say clearly." Guo Huatang said no more, smiled and stepped forward. Yu Xiufan and others followed behind Guo Huatang and went into the flower forest.   He bowed to Yu Xiuji and said, "The younger one's name is Fu'er.". It's the head waiter of this welcoming building. If you want anything, just say the word. "Fu," said Yu Xiufan! I have some curiosity in my heart. I want to ask you a few things. I wonder if I can do it. "Please ask," said the boy,Adhesive fish ruler, "but I may not be able to answer all the questions." Yu Xiufan smiled and said, "Will we see your master soon?" "" Manager Kuo has already told me, "said the boy." That depends on your luck. tapemeasure.net

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