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Xiangxi lies

2022-10-27 02:55   For Sale   Baguio   264 views

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Location: Baguio
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In the process of running, the monster kept grabbing something from its body, and then threw it into the water again. I couldn't see what it was grabbing from a distance.   I never thought that the butt of my gun was empty, the monster came to my side, but did not stop for half a moment, even the speed did not slow down for half a minute, my butt was waved out,aluminum tile edge trim, it has rushed past my side, to the front to continue to run past! I steadied myself and saw that the monster had rushed past. And it didn't seem like he was going to come back to me. I was surprised and happy. Surprised that the monster's vitality is really strong, has been shot three times, two daggers actually have such good physical strength, the joy is that the monster passed me, but did not bring me any damage. Then I thought of what the monster had just thrown at me. The monster didn't look like it was carrying anything with it,stainless steel tile edge trim, so what would it grab off its shoulder and throw over it? Thinking of this, I took a look at the place where the thing had just fallen with a flashlight, and the first thing I saw was half of the gray-white bone, which seemed to have a trace of blood flowing slowly! I was startled and hurried to see it again. It was the hands we had just seen in the river. Now the man's hand was out of the water, and he saw it more and more clearly. The hand was only from the upper arm to the palm of the hand, and the end near the upper arm was obviously cut off, leaving a flat incision, and the flesh on it had already disappeared, except for some blood. From the forearm to the palm, there were some deformed muscles that seemed to have been peeled off, stainless steel edging strip ,stainless steel edge trim, showing a bright red color. I looked at the arm and suddenly felt something was wrong. The muscle color on the arm and the flowing blood did not seem to have been soaked in water for a long time, and the muscle seemed to be shrinking slowly in the direction of the finger.   The monster got up from the river, ran past me, grabbed a human hand and threw it at me, obviously attacking me, but the result was that he ran past me screaming all the way. I was there alone,stainless tile trim, and if the monster attacked me, it was likely to succeed, but why did it give up such a good chance. jecatrims.com

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