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He was familiar with such a place-in the Southern Wilderness of the Five Realms, there was such a place with few people, or Wuluo might be the only person who had ever been there, but at that time, his name was Cui can, and he was still an unknown monk. In that place, he found something that changed his life: the burning of drought and blood! The burning of drought and blood was born there, and the feeling there is too similar to here! It's just that the level here is much higher than there. While Wuluo understood this, he also understood the mystery of the "drought and blood burning". Wuluo showed a smile of an old friend's reunion, which seemed to melt into the ups and downs of the world, into the whole Jianghu! "Come out of the drought and burn with blood." With a faint sound, the world's first evil amulet appeared silently in front of it. In the whole space, the various kinds of light, the endless obsession, and the residual knowledge that has passed through the universe are flying like a wanderer returning home and a tired bird returning to the forest. What Wuluo sees through the "drought and blood burning" is a fatigue. & "Net" the fastest update * * persistent billions of years of fatigue! The "drought and blood burning" slowly sank into the mountain and sea obsession, wrapped in all kinds of light, just like a baby in the mother's body, comfortable and comfortable. I don't know how long it has been, but all the obsessions around me, including the biggest dark golden obsessions of the Archaic Magic Dragon,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, have melted into the burning of drought and blood. This obsession is all watered by the blood of the top strong people. Among so many obsessions, in a place very similar to the environment of its hometown, "drought and blood burning" is reborn in blood! Wuluo's touching shocked his soul. When the "drought and blood burning" was wrapped up by the endless obsession, he knew what was going to happen next. He closed his eyes. Wuluo did not open his eyes, but two lines of tears ran down his cheeks as the "drought and blood burning" rose again and was reborn. Success is Xiao He, failure is Xiao He. The ups and downs of Wuluo's life are closely related to the most evil amulet in the world. Now the rebirth of "drought and blood burning" finally makes Wuluo feel that his life is going to be complete. As soon as all the obsessions were gone, there was no longer so much ferocity in the chaotic star field. Wuluo released the soul and soon found the remains of the ancient magic dragon. The three spirit dragons came out together and found these parts smoothly. They are a claw,ultrasonic welding transducer, a horn, a Dan, a scale, a tendon and a bone. Archaic Magic Dragon itself has experienced the destruction of the universe, and has gone through billions of years in this universe, the remaining part is the most essential part of the body, Wuluo at one go, Kowloon together! Eagle Lang Star is the main star of Skyhawk Demon Domain, which is also the last line of defense for Dragon Eagle Demon Zun to resist Zuoshi Night Dance. It is not accurate to say that it is the last line of defense. To be exact, it should be the last stronghold. Because the entire Skyhawk Demon Domain, only the Eagle Lang Star is still in the hands of the Dragon Eagle Demon Zun, and the army in his hands has been damaged by more than 90%. Everyone can see that on their own, the Dragon Eagle Demon Zun can not be stopped in any case. Everyone can see that the Dragon Eagle Demon Zun will not rely on himself alone. He dares to guard the eagle star alone, because the immortal dragon clan can open the void at any time to come to support. And left division night dance step by step, ultrasonic handheld welder ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, has been killed to the eagle star, in fact, has been in a clear declaration of war to Ao Xun. This is not a confident performance of Zuo Shi's night dance, on the contrary, it is because she is not fully confident in her heart and does not want to fight with Ao Xun at this time, so she will make a tough stance. The enemy is at the gate, in the eagle bright star, the dragon eagle demon respect actually does not have the posture of the king of the subjugated country, instead is relaxed. He will soon get back the star fields occupied by Zuo Shi's night dancang Star. The demons under his command all understood that Ao Xun was the enemy of Zuo Shi's night dance. In this war, Ao Xun will probably appear. What really decides the success or failure of this expedition is not the hundreds of thousands of Demon troops under his command,ultrasonic dispersion machine, but the night dance of the top Jade Cha Demon Zun Zuo Shi. Zuo Shi night dance took a deep breath, and the endless golden stars in his eyes spurted out, and his spirit was pressing. fycgsonic.com

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