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You Long Sui Yue by Er Ya

2022-10-25 21:22   Services   Santol   217 views

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After dinner, Gongsun felt that it was very inconvenient to walk like this, so he thought about how to get a crutch. He was thinking about how to get a crutch. Zhao Pu suddenly came over and said, "Are you ready?" "Mmm." Gongsun thought Zhao Pu asked him if he had packed up his salute, so he looked at the big bags and small bags beside him. They were all packed up, and there should be nothing missing. Zhao Pu still carried his luggage on his shoulder and asked Xiao Sizi, "Xiao Sizi, go by yourself?" "Well!" The fourth son still ran over and grabbed Zhao Pu's clothes. Zhao Pu stretched out his hand and picked up Gongsun again. Wait Gongsun protested, "I'll go by myself." Zhao Pu curled his lips disdainfully and said, "Come on, there are only three legs left. Who do you think you are?"? The golden cicada? "You.." Gongsun glared at Zhao Pu and said in his heart that the man's words were really vulgar. He murmured coldly, "a dog can't spit out ivory from its mouth." Zhao Pu's ear strength is so good that he heard it all at once. He picked up the corners of his mouth and suddenly loosened his hand. Gongsun was startled and instinctively put his arms around Zhao Pu's shoulders to keep his balance. But Zhao Pu was just scaring him. He caught him again at once. After catching him, he laughed and said, "Nerd, don't be so affectionate, cuddle, and say I'm taking advantage of you later." Gongsun really wanted to slap him in the face, but Zhao Pu seemed to have been prepared and said in Gongsun's ear, "Don't make trouble. If you make trouble, I may loosen my hand again." Gongsun gritted his teeth and said to himself. After a while on the road to pick you up, you must sprinkle itching powder on your body! Zhao Pu knew in his heart that the bookworm was annoyed. But it's fun to be annoyed. Later, Zhao Pu walked out with Gongsun in his arms,digital signage screen, and Xiao Sizi trotted to keep up. Sending Gongsun to the carriage, Zhao Pu picked up the fourth son and sent him in. The inside of the carriage was covered with a soft woolen blanket, which was a little narrow, but quite comfortable. Gongsun felt that it was enough to sit down with Xiao Sizi. Just as he wanted Xiao Sizi to sit at his hand, he saw Zhao Pu put his luggage at the door of the carriage. Then he turned over and sat up. He sat beside Gongsun and ordered the red shadow in front of him to "go on the road." The Red Shadow whipped the horse. The car went forward and drove onto the official road. Originally, the inside of the carriage was just right, but after Zhao Pu squeezed in, it looked very narrow. Zhao Pu stretched out his hand to let Xiao Sizi sit on his lap, Gongsun where willing ah,thermal imaging camera, hurriedly protect Xiao Sizi to the other side, he sat in the middle. In this way, they had to be shoulder to shoulder with Zhao Pu, very close. Zhao Pu picked the corners of his mouth, stretched out his hand, stretched himself, and said, "Well." A carriage ride is more comfortable than a horse ride. Gongsun to the mouth of the sentence-you are not riding a horse? He swallowed it again, angry in his heart, and ignored Zhao Pu. But this person sits on it, not very honest, always moving around. A lazy man stretched out his hands and almost filled the whole carriage. And just at this time, the car bumped. Gongsun leaned directly to the side when he was unstable. Impartial, just rolled into Zhao Pu's arms. Zhao Pu held it, holding Gongsun's arm with one hand, Interactive digital signage ,interactive whiteboard prices, and the other hand, intentionally or unintentionally, just padapt, the heart said, this person is not a hooligan, how to become a filial son? The fourth son came over and said, "Ninety-nine,face detection android, it doesn't matter. Dad always treats patients. When the time comes, we'll go to see your mother." Zhao Pu smiled heartily and reached out to pinch Xiao Sizi's face. Gongsun was a little puzzled. He said that the fourth son had always been the closest to him, and he was most afraid of this kind of person who was tall and black and knew martial arts. How could he meet this hooligan this time and be so close to him. hsdtouch.com

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