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Yuyan Bureau

2022-10-27 02:59   For Sale   Dasmariñas   388 views

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Location: Dasmariñas
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After lunch, Le Qianmo came to Le Yuxuan's room, grabbed his sleeve and asked, "I don't know how Big Brother and Mr. Hu are doing?" "Very good!"  Who is Asia the Invincible? Le Yuxuan asked in surprise. Oh, "Le Qianmo stuck out his tongue and said," It seems that he is a man who wants to be a woman like his eldest brother. Later, he practiced martial arts for his beloved. Although he became neither male nor female, the people who loved him did not dislike his body. " "?"? Is there such a pair of infatuated people? Le Yuxuan said, "I have also thought about the palace,heavy duty metal racks, but I often heard that the people in the palace are eccentric. I am afraid that if I do that, Mr. Hu will not like me." "Won't you ask his opinion?" Le Qian Mo asked. That's right! Le Yuxuan patted his head and said with a smile, "Listen to my little sister, I'm enlightened. I'll ask him in the evening!" "I've helped you, and you can't hold me back in the future!" Le Qian Mo said. I understand! Le Yuxuan paused and said, "In fact,Teardrop Pallet Racking, what the younger sister lacks now is just an identity. I think if you can straighten up Erniang, you will be the legitimate daughter of the Le family, so there will be no identity gap." "Righting?" Le Qianmo said, "It's not easy!"! Aunt has always been strong, and she is a good person. How can I have the heart to harm her? Besides, the identity of righting should also be Sanniang righting. Wouldn't it be better if your son was a legitimate son? "I don't want to be a legitimate son. As long as Mr. Hu doesn't dislike me, I'll be satisfied." Le Yuxuan sighed and said, "Little sister has something to do with Khan now. Can you help me?" "Help you?" Le Qianmo was puzzled and asked, "How can I help you?" "Now the tiger general has submitted to Mongolia, I think the relationship between the younger sister and the Great Khan, to persuade the tiger general to accept me into the door, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,shuttle rack system, it should be possible!" Le Yuxuan said. This one? I'm afraid men are not popular in Mongolia. Le Qianmo said worriedly. As long as my younger sister can help me fulfill my wish, I am willing to help Erniang become the main house of the music family! The center of the garden is a two-story pavilion. There is an unremarkable stone gate beside the wall of the pavilion. If you don't look carefully, you will be deceived by the vegetation in front of the stone gate. Le Qian Mo gently pushed the stone door, unexpectedly did not lock. The stone door was pushed open,wire mesh decking, and by the bright light, she looked inside, and a dark stone step leading to nowhere appeared in front of her eyes. jracking.com

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