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Zodiac Patron Saint _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

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Qi Yue did not utter a word, but slowly raised his head and gazed at Klinsmann's eyes with his blood-red eyes. There was a gleam of surprise in Klinsmann's eyes. A shrill roar suddenly issued from Qi Yue's mouth, kneeling there on one knee, he suddenly raised his head, the long silver hair on his head instantly rendered into blood red, the incomparable surge of energy towards the sky instantly stimulated, his already tall body began to expand rapidly, a strong sense of war mixed with intense murderous look and monstrous resentment, is his body changed. The pupil of Raphael, the angel of light, contracted in an instant. "Demon, this human has been demonized." Turning around slowly, Qi Yue's blood-red eyes swept over the Vatican in front of him. Every strong man in the Vatican could not help but step back when he was swept by his blood-colored eyes. They had never seen such strong resentment and murderous eyes. At this time, Qi Yue was like an active volcano, showing signs of eruption at any time. Murderous look, the real murderous look spread from Qi Yue, Xuanyuan soul and the voice of Qi Yue almost at the same time sounded in the bottom of his heart, "stop quickly, you will destroy yourself like this." Qi Yue turned a deaf ear at this time no one can stop the murderous look in his heart, Xuanyuan soul as the soul of Xuanyuan sword, he is really strong, but, after all,collapsible pallet box, Qi Yue is the director of Xuanyuan sword, he can not accept Qi Yue's orders, but did not stop Qi Yue's ability. Demonization, Qi Yue's breath to the peak, with the help of a huge murderous look, at this time, his body has been rapidly expanding. Without the alienation of the original appearance of the Kirin, it swelled directly to a height of about three meters,plastic trash bins, the swelling muscles completely opened the clothes on his upper body, and then, a series of magic lines began to appear on his skin, the black lines shone with metallic luster, the lines were very thin, but they could be clearly seen, and the original Kirin on his chest. The silver eyes had turned blood red. Yes, under the extreme sadness and resentment, Sixiang Yunmo Kirin has become an unprecedented blood Kirin. www/xiaoshuotxt.co m Chapter Two Hundred Blood Kirin (Part Two) Slowly raised his hand, the golden light suddenly lit up, Xuanyuan sword appeared in his hands under the control of Qi Yue, but at this time the Xuanyuan sword has changed, the body of the sword constantly buzzing and trembling, as if to break free from Qi Yue's hands. Xuanyuan Sword is the sword of the brave, is the sword of the benevolent, and at this time Qi Yue body exudes a strong murderous look, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet supplier, has made it produce intense rejection. Qi Yue took one look at the Xuanyuan Sword, whose golden light was weakening. With a snort of anger, he took it back to his body and shook his arm again. A long sword with the same appearance as the Xuanyuan Sword had appeared in his hands, but this time the sword was blood-red. Unlike Xuanyuan Sword, which is an artifact, Kirin Eight Treasures has its own original energy breath. After they recognize the Lord, they will change according to their master's breath. Qi Yue turned into a blood kylin under the effect of the murderous look, then, the kylin fantasy also turned into a kylin blood in the hands of the blood kellin, the strong sword light constantly flashing in the air, every fluctuation, will bring extremely terrible killing. The sky, which had been lit up in the sunshine, had been restored to darkness at this time. Thick black fog appeared in midair, blocking the sunshine, and the whole body emitted blood-red light. At this time, Qi Yue was completely like a demon God, a real demon God. In fact, with Qi Yue's mental strength, such a situation should not have occurred. Even in the midst of extreme grief, he would not produce such a phenomenon of extreme resentment. But he is no longer the original Qi Yue, in his heart has been more than a thing that even he does not know. Kirin blood sword slowly raised, pointing to the Vatican in front of the people, Qi Yue's voice also seems to be full of magic, "it's you.". You killed my beloved wife. It's you.  Yue. However, even in the process of being shaken back, his Kirin Blood Sword has taken away three more lives. Qi Yue is the absolute master, even though he has lost his sobriety now, but his fighting ability has not been lost,wholesale plastic pallet, and in this case, his bloodthirsty heart has raised the fighting spirit to the limit. Qi Yue's body disappeared again. When he reappeared, he came to the back of Raphael. Raphael didn't even have time to reflect. He could only rush out his sword and fight with Qi Yue again. cnplasticpallet.com

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